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If you can’t help but drool over lip-smacking Shahi cuisine, then savoring this article should help you know more on where to look for the best Hyderabad food when in the city.

Hyderabad Food

Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs, minarets and pearls, is hugely admired for its sophisticated, spicy and absolutely scrumptious cuisines. Like any other historical city, the food of Hyderabad blends royal zest with regional tang and delivers a mouth-watering potpourri of Andhra specialties and Hyderabadi cuisines that is loaded with spices, ghee and dry fruits and displays the indigenous culinary tradition of the land. Since centuries, Hyderabad food has attracted bon vivants with its delicate taste and aromatic flavor. The food platter of Hyderabad not only boasts of local zest, but is also influenced by the culinary traditions of Persia, Arabia, Afghanistan and Turkish nations. With a spicy and yummy smorgasbord of finger-licking delicacies, Hyderabad beckons its guests to come and experience a “Shahi” fine dining experience. From delectable kebabs to heavily spiced curries to highly aromatic biryani, Hyderabad is a delightful haven for the foodies. Explore the article to know more about the exquisite Hyderabad Food.

Hyderabad Food Guide

Andhra Cuisine

The famous Andhra cuisine, noted for its hot and spicy zest, is a delectable platter of mostly vegetarian dishes. A typical Andhra meal consists of tangy pickles, varieties of chutney powders, pakodas, rice, sambar and vegetable curries, traditionally served on a banana leaf. Apart from its typical vegetarian fare, Andhra cuisine also has an impressive line-up of non-vegetarian stalwarts like chicken sambar, chicken sukka, Andhra mutton masala and more. On your trip to Hyderabad, don’t forget to savor the authentic Andhra specialties. For the best dining experience, you can visit the popular Andhra restaurants like Shanbagh in Basheerbagh, Indu Deluxe at Saifabad, Kamat Hotel in Nampally and Abhiruchi at S.D. Road.

Hyderabadi Cuisine
All discussion on Hyderabad food is incomplete without mentioning its royal Hyderabadi counterpart. The typical Hyderabad food, influenced by Mughal cuisine, is quite famous for its aromatic mutton and chicken biryani. Apart from its delectable rice dishes, Hyderabad cuisine prides itself on its luscious list of non-vegetarian fare like chicken korma, sheer korma, lukhmi, nahari, kebabs and tandoori’s. However, if you are a vegetarian, then there is no need to be disappointed as Hyderabad cuisine has a delectable array of veg delights like bagara baingan, tomato kut, shahi dahi vadas and most veg biryani to appease you. Banjara Darbar at Panjagutta is one of the popular Hyderabadi restaurants, famous for its typical spicy biryani and flavored kebabs. Some of the other popular restaurants to relish genuine Hyderabadi cuisines are Akbar at M.G. Road, Parwe at Nampally and Madina at Pattargatti.

Indian Cuisine
The 400-year-old metropolis of Hyderabad cuisine not only offers a rich taste of its local fare but also puts up an impressive range of culinary delights from all across the country. Be it spicy North Indian, mild South Indian, yummy Bengali or rich Punjabi, Hyderabad is chock-a-block with food joints that brings your food from all corners of India. Copper Chimney in Punjagutta Road is one of the best Indian restaurants, which serves highly delicious food at reasonable rates. Some of the other popular restaurants of Hyderabad are Dakshin at Begumpet, Angeethi and Koyla at Banjara Hills.

Fast Food
If you are looking for delicious quick snack options, then Hyderabad is willing to woo you with its roadside fare. From western food smacks like pizza, burger and sandwich to typical Indian chats like samosa, bhelpuri and pav bhaji, Hyderabad fast food can give even the most posh food joints a run for their money. Some of the good places to enjoy fast foods are Niralas Open House at Himayatnagar, Prabhat Fast Food at Banjara Hills and Subway at Madhapur Road.

Multi Cuisine
Along with traditional Hyderabad’s culinary feasts, the city is popular for its number of multi cuisine restaurants, which attracts people from around the world. If you are in the mood of savoring some lip smacking international cuisine then the city can offer you anything from Chinese to Italian to Lebanese, Thai, Spanish and almost all the popular cuisines in the world. Orchid in Katriya Hotel is one of the most popular multi cuisine restaurant popular for its wide variety of Chinese and Continental foods. Treat Way at Taj Residency Road is another popular eatery for continental feasts.