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If you are planning to visit Hyderabad and pondering on the best time to visit the city, then trailing this article should leave you informed on the best time to visit Hyderabad.

Best Time To Visit Hyderabad

Hyderabad has always a large number of tourist groups congregating around the city all through the year. The princely city of Hyderabad has a host of options for sightseeing and is apparently one of the best places to experience the real South India culture and Mughal grandeur. However before you plan your trip, just check out for the right seasons, as this place is quite infamous for its searing temepratures. Geographically situated on the Southern Peninsula, this place has a rock-strewn and rough terrain. As far as the climate is concerned, the city has a contrasting weather with extreme dry and wet conditions. The temperatures in Hyderabad can rise up to 440C during the summer seasons and can go down as low as 80C during the winter months. Hyderabad has a blend of old world charisma with the vibrancies of modern world, making it one of the best places to explore. With Charminar, Golconda Fort, Chowmahalla Palace, Falaknuma Palace, Salar Jung Museum and many other exciting destinations to its name, a trip to Hyderabad is worth every penny. Read this article to know more on the best time to visit the city.

When to Go to Hyderabad

Weather Statistics

Hyderabad has a tropical climate that is extremely arid and damp. So it’s important to choose the right time to visit the metropolitan. Hyderabad shows great disparity in its climatic conditions throughout the year. The temperatures in summer rise up to 440C during the peak summer months of April, May and June. Monsoon usually hits towards the end of June and continues until early October. Hyderabad gets a good 810 mm of rainfall each year. Winters in Hyderabad sets in during late October and last up to early February with temperatures ranging from 290C to 140C.

Opting Your Favorite Season
If you enjoy the rainfall and if the dampness does not bother you, then July to early October is the right time to tour the city. However, if you love feeling the sun’s heat on your skin and prefer to tour under a clear blue sky, then February to early March is the right time to go. The heat wave during this time is tolerable as compared to the later months. However, make sure to consume sufficient fluids to avoid getting your throats desiccated. Also, don’t forget to carry sun screen lotions, wide brimmed hats and umbrella to safeguard yourself from the harsh sunrays. However, if you prefer a pleasant weather then late October to early February is the best time to rush to Hyderabad.

Best Time To Visit
The ideal time to visit Hyderabad would be during winter as the temperature dips downwards considerably during the months of October and February. Hyderabad is well known for its searing heat wave. Hence, it’s best to visit the place during winter to make your trip pleasurable and avoid warm temperatures and perspiration. The city brings together the royal grandeur of the bygone epoch and beautiful scenic landscape that are a complete delight to your senses. Another reason for you to visit Hyderabad during winter is to experience the harvest festival known as ‘Pongal’. The festival usually comes in the month of January. So, join the celebration and enjoy the delicacies of this regional culinary on your visit to the city.