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For the shopaholics Bangalore offers wide variety of choices to choose from. Read the article to know more about some of the popular shopping destination in Bangalore.

Shopping In Bangalore

Bangalore, a cosmopolitan city over-run by diverse trends, multi-ethnic populace and fashion freaks, is truly every shopper’s paradise. People who enjoy shopping will definitely fall in love with Bangalore and the city’s long string of shops. With fast gaining recognition from world as India’s true-blue fashion destination, Bangalore has indeed become the hub for shoppers today. The radical change in the fashion statement of people is the main reason behind the constantly emerging shopping destinations. With malls, plazas, branded shops and traditional shopping markets, shopping in Bangalore is truly a wonderful experience. From pure silk saris to fashionable dresses to branded gold jewelry and more, Bangalore has everything to serve your need. To make your shopping experience all the more memorable, Bangalore has an exciting array of shops, from air-conditioned malls to busy shopping lanes to branded centers and lots more. If you want to know more about Bangalore shopping, then go ahead and explore the article.

Shopping Places In Bangalore

Brigade Road

If you are looking for the best place to go shopping in Bangalore, there is no better choice than Brigade Road. Chock-a-block with trendy and fashionable string of shops, Brigade road has come to be the popular consort for the youngsters. If you are totally into branded stuff, then Lee, Van Heusen, Raymond’s, Adidas and Reebok showrooms are likely to tempt you to swipe your cards. Furthermore, with street stalls selling funky clothes and junk jewelry, Brigade Road indeed tots up as every shopaholics favorite destination. Shopping in Brigade isn’t just confined to funky denims and stylish apparels. On your visit to this place, you are likely to find a number of handicraft emporiums selling ethnic printed fabrics, antique jewelry, wooden furniture etc. Apart from shops and boutiques, Brigade road houses malls like Fifth Avenue and Mota Royal Arcade, which are worth exploring.

Commercial Street
Commercial Street in Bangalore is one of the busiest and most popular shopping destinations. Although this place is not crammed with any branded showrooms, people flock to Commercial Street to get the best deals at the lowest price. As you walk down the maze of streets, you can find a string of shops selling clothes, jewelry, shoes, novelties, sports goods etc. With all these and more to its name, there is no better shopping area in the entire city of Bangalore than Commercial Street. However, don’t forget to bargain here or else you might end up paying ten times the actual price. If you are a sworn shopaholic, then Commercial Street is a must-visit place for you.

M.G. Road
M.G. Road, one of the busiest commercial areas in Bangalore, is a must try shopping destination for every tourist. This shopping area, replete with colonial charm, is flooded with number of branded shops, which are crowded on almost all days of week. For women there are shops like Deepam Silks and Prasiddi, which houses the best collection of silk saris. Some of the other popular destinations of M.G. Road are Kids Kemp, Cavery Arts and Crafts Emporium etc. With an unmatched collection of goods and wide range of materials, M.G. Road tots up as a popular shopping destination in Bangalore.

Chickpet, one of the oldest shopping areas in Bangalore, has a glorifying history of nearly 400 years. If you are looking to buy saris at an affordable rate, then Chickpet is the best place to shop. Along with sarees, Chickpet is also popular for gold and silver jewelry. Even though this commercial area is narrow and crowded, Bangaloreans still love to shop here to get the best at a reasonable price.

If you are good in bargaining then there is no better place to shop then Majestic. Here you will really come across many great things at a much lower price. Most of the shops here sell local goods including watches, clothes, shoes, electronic goods, jewelries, accessories etc. Other popular markets near majestic are Burma Bazaar and Hongkong Market, which are famous for imported perfumes, bags, accessories and electronic goods.

Shopping Malls
If you want to enjoy your weekend shopping and eating, then the city’s extravagant shopping malls is the place to go. Forum mall near Koramangala is one of the best shopping mall crammed with ‘fancy-schmancy’ spas, boutiques, branded outlets, restaurants and more. Another popular shopping centre is Garuda Mall near M.G. Road, which is popular for its classy and elegant shops. Some of the other popular shopping malls of Bangalore are Lido Mall near Trinity Circle, Shafina Plaza at Infantry Road and Mantri Square at Malleshwaram.