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With benevolent climate and captivating green space, Bangalore proudly holds its brand name of ‘Garden City’. Read the article to know more on some of the popular gardens in Bangalore.

Gardens In Bangalore

Set amid lush gardens, the idyllic city of Bangalore with its stretches of greens and incredible landscapes truly lives up to its status of �Garden City�. With its rich tapestry of lush gardens and picturesque parks, Bangalore truly tots up as the arty work of Mother Earth. Even in the face of concrete urbanization, Bangalore retains its �green� status with great pride. Being the Garden City of India, Bangalore truly typifies a green city with its extensive green spaces, green homes, green offices and more. Home to some of the best gardens in the country, Bangalore with its romantic landscape, aesthetically designed gardens, vibrant flowerbeds, lush green lawns, shady trees and serene environs truly offer a real retreat to its dwellers and the visitors. On your trip to Bangalore, don’t forget to treat yourself to the spectacular green allure of the city. In this ever-escalating heat of the city, the gardens in Bangalore are likely to be a pleasant breather for you. Explore the article to know more about the gardens in Bangalore.

Famous Gardens Of Bangalore

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, located about 4 km away from MG Road, is home to more than a thousand species of plants and some several hundred-year-old trees. Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan laid out this sprawling 240-acre botanical garden in the 18th century. Lal Bagh, meaning red garden, is especially famous for its red rose gardens, which is one of the major attractions of this scenic park. With nearly 1855 species of plants to its name, Lal Bagh is a truly a treasure house of nature. This artistic and serene landscape houses many other attractions such as glass house, lotus pools, wonderful fountain, museum, aquarium, pigeon house etc. The flower shows held during Independence Day and Republic Day attracts a huge number of visitors. Lal Bagh is open to the visitors on all days from 6 am to 7 pm.

Cubbon Park
Cubbon Park, also famous as Sri Chamarajendra Park, is located at Kasturba Road. The park was planned in 1864 by Richard Sankey, the Chief Engineer of Mysore. However, it was established in the year 1870 by the then acting commissioner of Mysore, Sir John Meade. Initially known as Meade’s Park after John Meade, this park was later rebranded as Cubbon Park, after the longest serving commissioner of that time, Sir Mark Cubbon. Today, this 334 acres of wonderland stands as the �lungs� of Bangalore city with its canopy of green trees, flowering plants, small groves and amazing collection of statues. In addition to this, Cubbon Park is also the home to glorious State Central Library, a beautiful aquarium and Jawahar Bal Bhavan. With all the natural beauty tucked in its womb, Cubbon Park tots up as the perfect destination for early-morning joggers and nature lovers.

Cariappa Memorial Park
Cariappa Memorial Park in MG Road was laid out in 1996 in commemoration of Field Marshall K.M. Kariappa. This 22 acres of lush green land with manned waterfall and a unique children’s play area tots up as one of the major recreation centers in the city. The kids play zone offers fascinating games like spider webs, balance bars, zigzag tunnels, sand pits, tarzan swing and burma bridge, built mainly to boost physical fitness among children. Apart from that, this eco-friendly park houses a monolithic statue of Kariappa, a waterfall, a pond and a 1.8 km long walker’s track. You can visit the park between 5.30 pm to 8 pm on weekdays and between 1 pm to 7 pm on Saturdays.

Coles Park
Coles Park in Frazer Town is one of the oldest parks in Bangalore. Established in the year 1914, this famous park, which comes under city Municipal Corporation, was recently renovated for public use. With an extensive play area, jogger’s path and well-maintained sitting arrangements, Coles Park has come to be one of the most popular destinations for morning walks and evening recreations.

Bugle Rock
Bugle Rock Park, located in Basavanagudi, just behind the Bull temple, is a beautiful park that displays the real culture and heritage of Karnataka. This park is named after a 3000 year old rock called Bugle, which once housed the famous Kempe Gowda’s clock tower and was used by his men to warn the people about the interlopers by a bugle call. Today, Bugle Rock Park stands famous for its geological and cultural interests like artistic statue of famous Kannada poet DVG and more.