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With the buzzing activities and delicious food, Bangalore is popular for its diverse food culture. Read the article to know more about the scrumptious cuisines of Bangalore.

Bangalore Food

Bangalore, being the hub of the young and the adventurous, caters to a wide variety of dishes from all across the globe. Whether it is traditional Karnataka food or authentic international cuisines, Bangalore lures its foodies with an enticing platter of diverse dishes. The food scene in the city has evolved largely over the past few decades due to the constant inflow of new trends and people. Today, like any other metropolitan city, Bangalore too exhibits a rich food culture of its own. Bangaloreans love to eat out and the string of eateries, bistros and coffee houses that you would see around are sure to spoil you for a choice. From delicious street food to the luxurious fine dining experience, Bangalore indeed has a lot to offer to its epicureans. With all the fascinating food and incredible variety of restaurants, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to tout this city as the emerging food hub of the country. The city is home to multinational companies, and thus has a significant population belonging to different nationalities. To cater to the taste buds of this section several international cuisine restaurants have opened in Bangalore. In addition to the foreign nationals, several Indians working in multinational companies have toured in different parts of the world. Thus, Bangalore has great demand for different cuisines of the world. Our Bangalore food guide, tells you about popular locations and restaurants where you can satisfy your hunger.

Bangalore Food Guide

Street Food

Bangalore street food is famous for its taste, range and sheer affordability. Bangaloreans love to eat street food and stalls at every corner of the street testify to the fact. The small-scale food joints here offer an amazing blend of flavors at darn cheap prices that makes it a huge hit with the food freaks. Most preferred street foods are spicy chats like bhel puri, masala puri, sev puri, pav bhaji and tangy pani puri. Apart from chats, you can also savor delicious idli, dosa, biryani, sweets and more on these modest eateries. The legendary Fast Food Street at VV Puram is an absolute treat for food lovers. A leisure stroll through this street can help you feast out on its yummy offerings. Other popular areas for street food are Jayanagar, M.G. Road, Commercial Street etc.

Authentic Karnataka food
If you want to taste the delicious and lip smacking Karnataka food, then Bangalore has many restaurants to appease you. The main meal of Karnataka usually consists of rice, saaru or rasam (soup of vegetables), chapatti, vegetable curry, curd and buttermilk. Apart from the main meal, there are many other tasty local foods like idli, dosa, kesari bath, khara bath, bise bele bath, chakli, nippattu and more. If you want to enjoy the authentic taste of Bangalore food, then MTR is the best and the most recommended place to go. Other popular restaurants in Bangalore are Vidyarthi Bhavan at Gandhi Bazar, Udpi Sri Krishna Bhavan at Chickpet and Koramangala etc.

North Indian Cuisines
Just like traditional Karnataka food, North-Indian cuisines are also famous in Bangalore. The special tandoori dishes and spicy vegetarian creations are not only relished by North-Indians but are also savored by the Bangaloreans. With their typical taste and flavor, the demand for North-Indian cuisines has gone high. Roti, naan, curries, tandoori chicken, biryani etc. are some of the popular North-Indian dishes, which are popular for their spicy flavor and aroma. Tandoor at MG Road is one the best North-Indian eatery that is famous for its fabulous service and yummy dishes. Some of the other popular restaurants are Copper Chimney at Residence Road, Chandni Chowk at Koramangala and Samarkand at Infantry Road.

International Cuisines
Just like any other Metropolitan city, Bangalore also houses lavish restaurants, which serve the best international cuisines. From Chinese to Thai, to Italian, Lebanese, Mexican, Spanish and more, you will find all kinds of international cuisines here. With the availability of such a vast range of food, Bangalore easily attracts tourist from all around the world. Some of the popular restaurants that serves the best international dishes are Ambrosia at Koramangala, La Casa at Sarjapur Road and Infusion at Marathalli.