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Bangalore, �the pub capital of India�, is eagerly waiting for you! Read this article to know more about the nightlife in Bangalore and explore its stunning nightlife destinations.

Bangalore Nightlife

When the sun goes down and darkness takes over the world, workers in Bangalore pubs are in their ritualistic preparation to light up the city, shake up the young minds from the drowsy noon, and pump an adrenaline rush in city’s young nerves. Rock gods and disc demons get on with their ‘yet to cool-down’ instruments and barkeeps get going with their ritualistic mix of cocktail and drinks. Nightlife here offers you a break from the mundane and gets you in touch with your wild self. If the DJ mix and Bhangra Beats are not good enough to put your mood in tune, burning guitar strings will do that. The mysteriously beautiful decor, vibrant ambience, overflowing booze and groovy thumps and beats makes the nightclubs a favorite with the young crowd. So fold your sleeves and lace your boots and get going with ethereal night life of Bangalore.

Pubs And Bars
Bangalore, which is called as ‘the pub capital’ of India has approximately 200Clubs and bars to its credit. Youngsters of Bangalore have little qualms about drinking and this is rightly reflected in the city’s pubs and bars. I-bar is one of Bangalore hot spots, where popular DJs throw swinging parties regularly. Funk addicts can go to joints like ‘Liquor caf�’, which is a lounge bar on the covered rooftop of a proud structure. The awe-inspiring franchise of Fashion TV bar chain, which is named as Le Meridien (F bar and lounge) is where you get to rub your shoulders with hot fashionistas. Smokers prefer ‘Hypnos’, a cocktail lounge where you can blow hookahs filled with strawberry and apple flavor tobacco and hog on Mediterranean dishes.

The best hangouts in Bangalore’s nightlife are its discotheques. Each discotheque has its own unique specialty. �Don’t tell mama� offers you hookahs with exciting flavors, draught beers, best wine, and world’s best cocktails. It plays hip-hop, trance, electro, desi and Bollywood music. It is well known for its ambience, serenity and frequent celeb visits. Maya and Enigma are other prominent discotheques in Bangalore. �Opus in the Creek� is one of the best hangouts in Bangalore City where you can get candle light dinner and experience open-air bar and roof top dining. The place is open for slick crowd of the city from 12 pm to 11.30 pm. If you are all game for Indian delicacies, this is the place to go. You can hog on Kebabs, Dosa, Indian Coastal dishes, Tandoori and Thai dishes and tap your feet to the tunes of trance until you drop!

Bangalore has the country’s best nightclubs with high-end facilities. Sports Bar Express, Ultra Violet, Club X, Tapas Lounge, Buddha Creek are some of the poshest nightclubs in the city. Sports Bar Express, situated in White Field, opposite HLL office, offers an eclectic mix of both European and American delicacies and hookahs are available on request. The Club X, located on the Wind Tunnel Road, is a 3-floor establishment that has a U shape. This nightclub has rooftop bar to excite your senses by giving a kick of alcohol from an apogeal height. This is a hang out that is frequently visited by both foreign tourists and local enthusiasts.