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Shimla, known as the ‘Queen of the Hills’, is studded with several tourist attractions. To get an insight into the places to visit in Shimla, check out this write-up.

Places To Visit In Shimla

Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, poses as a picture perfect destination for the travelers with its snow-capped peaks, green pastures and serene lakes magnifying its beauty beyond belief. Despite of its growing commercialism, Shimla has managed to retain its old rustic charm. Colonial buildings and churches that line the streets of Shimla brings back nostalgic memories in the minds of the travelers. The USP of Shimla, however, is its lip smacking local cuisines. So, when you are in Shimla, don’t forget to dig into steamy Momos, luchi-poti, baadi, poldu and Patande for an unforgettable dining experience. Shopping is a never-ending activity in Shimla as there are plenty of stores from where you can pick your favorite souvenirs. Given below are some of the places to visit in Shimla that are worth looking. Trail down the write-up and pick your favorite hotspots in Shimla.

Tourist Attractions In Shimla

Chadwick Falls
Chadwick Falls, located 7 km off Shimla, is the best place to spend time with your loved ones and friends. Surrounded by pine and deodar trees, a visit to this picturesque falls is surely the best way to experience the bliss of nature. One can’t help but marvel at the gorgeous beauty of this amazing waterfall. If you have more time, then don’t forget to check out the old temples situated close-by. Chadwick falls can be reached easily from Shimla by private taxis. The best time to hit this place is right after the monsoons.

Vice Regal Lodge
Vice Regal Lodge, the magnificent building, which was once the residence of British viceroy Lord Duffrein, is now a major tourism attraction in Shimla. Set atop the observatory hills, this six-story structure is also known as Rashtrpati Niwas of Shimla. The design of the building is unique and local woods such as pine and cedar have been used to construct this lodge. Green lawns and well-maintained garden adorn the entrance of the lodge, further adding to its beauty. If you happen to be in Shimla, then don’t forget to make a quick visit to this place.

Himachal State Museum and Library
A visit to the Himachal State Museum and Library gives tourist an insight into the history of the state. Located near the Mall area of Shimla, the museum houses a valuable collection of historical sculptors, paintings, coins, ancient manuscripts, photos, textiles, jewelry and lots more. Himachal State Museum and Library also known as Shimla State Museum is open on all the days except Mondays.

For adventure lovers and nature admirers, Glenn is the ultimate stopover. Situated just 4 km away from the center of Shimla, this thickly wooded forest abounds in flora and fauna. Tranquility rules here and travelers can indulge in meditation or introspection in the close comfort of nature. The tall deodar and pine trees as well as the green slopes contribute to make this place even more splendid.

Jakhoo Temple
Jakhoo temple is one of the most sacred places in Shimla. Pilgrims from different parts of India gather here to seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman. Situated atop the Jakhoo hill, this revered site offers tourists a spectacular view of Shimla and the valleys surrounding the hill. Evenings and early mornings are the best time to watch the glorious sunsets and sunrise. However, travelers must be wary of the naughty monkeys that crowd here. Mountaineers and trek lovers can walk along the hill for an exciting, memorable experience.