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Attractive environs and salubrious weather makes shopping in Shimla even more blissful experience. Read the article to know more about shopping places in Shimla.

Shopping In Shimla

Whether you crave for a deluxe getaway in the laps of nature, savor the ‘pahari’ culture or just trail down the craggy lanes of a forestland, Shimla surely is the place to go. A quick jaunt down the snow clad, oak tree dotted ranges won’t just get you up, close and personal with the breathtaking beauty of the city, but will also help you explore the spectacular vista of the land. All said and done, if you think that Shimla is all about spectacular serene view and placid nature, then you couldn’t be more wrong. If you wish to experience the quintessential Shimla, then indulging in a bit of retail therapy would help you explore a lot more about the city, its artistic craftsmanship and the regional fortes of the land. So get hold of all the cash and credit cards, tuck them in your waistband, and head out for a shopping spree. Splurge in handicrafts shawls, Tibetan carpets, Kinnauri mufflers, hand-woven shawls and take home a memorable souvenir to keep the memories of your visit intact. Go through the article below to know all about the shopping places in Shimla.

Shopping Places In Shimla

The Mall Road
Serving as the heart of Shimla’s shopping centers, the Mall road attracts the tourists and localites alike. The shops here cater to everything, starting from regional specialties to basic commodities. Some of the major attractions of the area are its beautifully designed carpets, woolen coats, rugs, intricately designed embroidery clothes, colorful Shimla caps and more. Apart from visual delights, the shopping area is admired for its wide array of ethnic foods that surely promises to tickle your taste buds. Although the regional cuisine is rich and spicy, don’t miss out on the opportunity to titillate your taste buds to its lip-smacking flavor.

Lower Bazaar
Another noted shopping destination in Shimla is the Lower Bazar or Subzi Mandi. As the name suggests, the Lower Bazaar is located below the Mall Road. Popular for its chaotic style, the bazaar is spread across endless narrow lanes. The streets dotted with small shops sell everything you can think of. Some of the major specialties of these shops are woolen garments like caps, gloves, shawls and sweaters that are available at much reasonable price. You can also pick some fabulously painted potteries that are admired for their beautiful designs and bold colors. Some of the popular sweet shops namely Mehru Halwai, Gujjar Khan Sweets and Natthu Halwai are known for their unique tastes.

Lakkar Bazaar
Adjoining the Ridge is the famous Lakkar Bazaar that is well known for its wooden carved items. Acting as the treasure trove for antiques and wooden artifacts, the bazaar is always thronged with curious buyers. The wooden items made of softwood, which is a specialty of the place, makes for the major attraction of this bazaar. Some of the other noted attractions of the market area are toys, candle stands, exquisite walking sticks, wall hangings and kitchen items. To explore the traditional and spectacular wooden handicrafts, there is no better place than Lakkar Bazaar.

Himachal Emporium
Himachal Emporium, established by the state government, displays the genuine attractions of Himalayan region. Items like shawls, caps, carpets and many other regional specialties are available at a fair price. The intricately designed carpets of the city, which are admired for its stunning appearance, is feted for its verdant Himalayan scenery and colorful embroidery. If you want to carry a souvenir from your trip, don’t forget to purchase the exclusive items available in Himachal Emporium.