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Verdant hills dropping into picturesque valleys dotted with oaks and pines is what best defines the quaint city of Shimla. Read the article to know more about the best time to visit this city.

Best Time To Visit Shimla

Picturesque backdrop, amazing food and old-world appeal makes Shimla a dream getaway for the tourists. Popular as the �Summer Capital of India�, this quintessential hill station makes for the ultimate destination for the honeymooners. Serving as an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the idyllic city of Shimla is studded with appeals like dense hills, museums, heritage houses and colonial lodges that lend this picture-perfect place much of its beauty and old-world charm. Shimla boasts of a phenomenal landscape and offers immense trekking possibilities to the tourists. With an eclectic mix of diverse traditions, landscapes, cuisines and ethnic groups, a sojourn to Shimla is sure to fire your imagination and get you hankering for more. Meander through the panoramic hills, splurge on the shopping lanes, go for a picnic at Glen, indulge in skating, yak riding, trekking and hiking and devour the lip-smacking local cuisine during your stay in Shimla. To know more about the best time to explore Shimla, scroll down the article below.

When To Go To Shimla

Shimla experiences pleasant climate throughout the year. The hill station, which acts as a summer retreat for the wanderlusts, enjoys summer from April to June. Summers in Shimla are pleasant as opposed to the extreme weather conditions in the rest of the country, with temperature oscillating between 140C and 270C. The monsoon season, which extends from July to September, is characterized by torrential rainfall. With the temperature ranging between 150C and 250C, the monsoons in this city is nippy and paves way for chilling winter. The winter season, which lasts from November to February, is cold and frosty. If you happen to be in this city anytime during the winters, then you may be lucky enough to see some snowfall and even participate in the weeklong Ice Skating Championship.

Best Time To Visit
Irrespective of its seasons, Shimla welcomes you with its unending charm. It’s said that if you want to escape the scorching heat of summers, there is no better holiday destination than Shimla. The city remains crowded during the summer season. The biggest celebration of the region, the ‘summer festival’ is celebrated during the month of June. However, if you are an adventure savvy, then the winters are the best time to go. The freezing days and frequent snowfall of the place helps you to indulge in various snow games like skiing, skating and more. Celebrations like Christmas and New Year further adds to the charms of the season. However, to make your trip in winter comfortable, don’t forget to pack woolen clothes and thermo wares.

Things To Do
Endowed with several tourist hotspots, Shimla allures thousands of tourists from all around the world. Whether you wish to shop, eat or just go for sightseeing, Shimla has oodles of things to woo your heart. Some of the noted attractions of the city are Botanical Garden, Summer Hill, Taradevi Temple, St. Michael's Cathedral and Institute of Advanced Studies. If you are looking to indulge in some shopping, then Lakkad Bazar of Shimla is the ideal place to go where you will find almost everything, from furniture to leather goods to traditional clothes, jewelry, carpets and more. Apart from the bazaars, there are several other shopping centers and boutiques to help you explore the attractions of the city. If you are a foodie, then don’t forget to savor the lip-smacking Himachali cuisine, yummy confectionaries and some really toothsome continental cuisine.