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Puri, sprinkled with pilgrimage attractions, is a great destination to indulge in shopping. To know more on the famous shopping spots in Puri, read the article further.

Shopping In Puri

Puri is not just synonymous with Rath Yatra and Jagannath Temple but is equally popular for its ever-bustling shopping markets. Hence, it would be extremely smart of you if you could spare a part of your travel budget exclusively for shopping. It's true, Puri is the ultimate haven for a discerning shopper. Therefore, even if you are someone who does not love to splurge, Puri has enough attractions to tempt you to loosen your purse strings. There is absolutely no dearth of shopping destinations in Puri. Places like Sudharshan Workshop, Pattachitra Center, Puri Beach Market, Pipili, Orissa Emporium and Ragharajpur boasts of drool-worthy items and are worth buying. Travelers must make it a point to haggle hard with the local vendors who may at times charge you exorbitantly for a thing. All said and done, shopping in Puri is definitely an exhilarating experience. You can either walk by foot or hire cycle rickshaws or autos to commute within the city and explore the shopping lanes. Given below are some of the famous shopping places in Puri that houses valuable souvenirs. Check them out.

Shopping Places In Puri

Sudharshan Workshop
Sudharshan workshop, set up in the year 1977, is located at the Station Road. The building has a plethora of eye-catching items like stone carvings of various religious deities, handicraft products, paintings and exotic sculptures made out of wood, fiberglass and stone. Not just art connoisseurs, even tourists and local inhabitants gather here to check out the valuable curios.

Pattachitra Center
Step inside this wonderful shopping hub to buy some exclusive and rare handicrafts. Some of the must buy souvenirs to be purchased from here are stone and wooden crafts, palm leaf items and patta chitra. If not this place, then another good place to go for handicraft shopping is the Jagannath Handicrafts that is famous for pearl items and stone crafts. While Pattachitra center is located on Nabakalabara Road, you will have to go all the way to Swargaswar to pick stuff from Jagannath Handicrafts.

Grand Avenue
Grand Avenue is the most happening shopping hub in Puri and a visit to this lane is recommended highly if you are on a serious shopping spree. The wide well maintained roads are filled with famous shops like Sahoo Super Bazaar, Nayak Plaza, Suriya Complex and Laxmi Market Complex. Besides these shopping centers, check out the Jagannath Ballava Market Complex that has some amazing collection of fancy apparels, handicrafts and lovely souvenirs.

Puri Beach Market
Puri beach is not just good to enjoy the sands and witness the beautiful sunset but also a best spot for engaging in some fun-filled shopping. The innumerable shopping stalls found in and around the beach are stocked with some enchanting artifacts made out of shells and oysters. Besides this, vendors can also be seen selling wall hangings of gods, clothes, wood articles and other souvenirs.

Pipili, situated 36 km off Puri, is best known for colorful applique works, lampshades, beach umbrellas, lampshades, wall hangings, bags, to name a few. The Pipili village is vibrant and tourists can chance upon skilled artisans here who will show you how exactly the traditional appliques are done step by step.

Orissa Emporium
Orissa Emporium, situated close to the renowned Jagannath temple, is a treasure chest of various Orissa handicrafts. A wide range of products like stone carvings, metal works, Patta Charita, puppets, tussar silks, masks, sand arts are on display. The prices of these items are usually high since they are outstanding in their quality and features. Scores of tourists make a visit to this place to know the real culture and tradition of Orissa.

Puri's exclusive arts and crafts village, Raghurajpur is the best place to stop over if you want to buy authentic palm leaf engravings, tussar paintings, papier mache toys and wooden carvings. Besides shopping, you can also observe painters completely engrossed in creating paintings, stone sculptures traditional masks and lot more. Pattachitra, the paintings that are made on dried palm leaf are found in bulk here and are unique in designs. Ragurajpur is located 14 km off Puri and can be easily reached by local transportation modes.