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Puri, with its matchless pilgrim destinations and festivals, continues to woo the globe trekkers. Read on to find out about when to go to Puri.

Best Time To Visit Puri

Puri, one of the holiest lands in India, is home to several pilgrimage attractions, archaeological sites and the sensational Puri beach. Located 60 km off Bhubaneswar, Puri stands up with elegance and a string of temples, ashrams and monasteries lined up across the city that evokes spirituality among tourists. The sacred town is also famously referred to as the 'Abode of Lord Jagannath.' Soaked in rich cultural heritage and history, Puri never lets you down for it is so sinfully delightful and visually gripping. No tourist must leave the place without visiting the magnificent Lord Jagannath Temple, which is one of the biggest attractions of this city. To make your evening a memorable one, take a walk along the Puri Beach as you sip on tender coconut water. The people here are simple and friendly and mainly prefer to travel by cycle rickshaws to commute. Since the city is positioned in the Bay of Bengal coast, the weather is pleasant. To know more on the different seasons here and to find out the best time to visit Puri, read the article below.

When To Go To Puri

Puri experiences blazing summer where temperature touches a whooping 36oC at times. Summer is definitely not an ideal time to travel to Puri or go for sightseeing. The minimum temperature experienced here is 27oC. Summer in Puri embarks in the month of April and continues until the end of June. If you are venturing out, make sure to apply loads of sunscreen lotion and most importantly, wear light cotton clothes to avoid tan and other skin problems.

The third week of June is the time when the monsoon hits Puri. This period is marked by heavy downpours accompanied by thunder and lightning at times. Though the day is cool, nights can turn out to be chilly and cold. Local inhabitants rarely step outside their homes during this time indicating tourists to stay away from hitting the holy land during the monsoon. By the second week of October, monsoon slowly fades out giving way for winter.

Winter can be considered as an ideal time to visit Puri, mainly owing to the pleasant and cool weather. While the days are quite warm, the night can turn out to be nippy. The temperature can vary anywhere between 28oC to 15oC during this period. To shield yourself from cold and cough, pack enough warm clothing and sweaters if you are traveling to Puri during winter.

Autumn is the most beautiful phase and undoubtedly, the best of all the seasons. This is that time when the sun dazzles brightly amidst the glowing greenery. The temperature during autumn is finely balanced and soothing. Thus, autumn is another season you can opt to travel to Puri if winters seem to be an unfavorable bet for you.

Opting For Your Favorite Season
Puri, being a year-round destination, can be visited at any point of the time, since it enjoys a tropical climate. However, many tourists claim that the best season to visit Puri is between the months of October and March. A gamut of religious festivals and cultural programs are celebrated in this holy land during this time. During November, you can witness the renowned Puri Beach Festival. During the months of June and July, the auspicious 'Jagannath Rath Yatra' begins. These events and fairs give tourists an insight about the ethnicity and traditional practices that continues to rule in Puri. The holy town is easily accessible and people can use various transport modes like autos, cycle rickshaws, local buses and taxis to travel in and around.