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Visit Puri to explore the monumental and cultural extravaganza of the century-old Indian traditions. Read the article to find the tourist attractions in Puri.

Places To Visit In Puri

The religious and scenic beauty of Puri makes it the cultural capital of Orissa. The affluent culture, mystical aura and religious practices still keep alive the essence of humanity and faith in God. The rich tradition of the place spreads its wings to the dance, songs and architecture of shrines, which proudly display the colors of the century-old culture and brilliant artworks. Popularly known as the abode of Lord Jagannath, the place serves as land for almost all religious sects like Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Christian, and Islam. The pristine beauty of the sandy beaches and greeneries of the place make this land of temples a paradise on earth. Puri not only serves as an ideal destination for the pilgrims but also for tourists and foreign travelers who like to explore the cultural richness of the country. To have a view on the city, go through the article below, which provides necessary information on major tourist attractions in Puri.

Tourist Attractions In Puri

Jagannath Temple
A trip to Puri can never be complete without paying a religious visit to Jagannath temple. The magnificent architecture of the temple, built in 12th century, serves as the abode of Lord Jagannath, his brother Lord Balaram and sister Goddess Subhadra. Considered as one of the four sacred destinations of Hindu religion, the temple attracts every person visiting this place. The spectacular Kalinga and Orissa style of temple architecture displays the creative aspects of the ancient artisans. Another major attraction of the temple is its delicious food prepared by hundreds of cooks to satisfy the hungry stomach of thousands of devotees visiting the shrine. In fact, Jagannath temple is said to have the largest kitchen in the world.

Puri Beach
The white sands and gushing waves catches the attention of every tourist visiting this place. Thousands of devotees visit the place for holy dip, as they believe it is a golden path towards eternal salvation. The beach is dotted with several small shops where you can buy seashell gift items for friends and family back home. Don't forget to taste the sweets and snacks sold by local vendors, which is another USP of this place. Finally, a lazy walk down the sandy shores during dusk or dawn further adds up to your heavenly experience.

Swargadwar Beach
Swargadwar, which literally means a "door to heaven", is one of the admirable and holy places in Puri. Unaffected by the contemporary culture, the beach still maintains its sacredness. As per the legend, this beach served as a bathing place for Sri Chaitanyadev, a famous Vaishnava mystic, who attained the divine soul. Today, every tourist visits this beach to have a holy dip. The beautiful surroundings of the beach captivate the attention of every traveler.

Gundicha Ghar
The famous Gundicha temple of Puri is another important holy site to visit. Considered as the place of Lord Jagannath's aunt Gundicha, the temple is believed to be as sacred as Jagannath temple. During the famous Rath Yatra of Puri the Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra of the main temple are ceremoniously brought to this place in a beautiful chariot. During the festive season, the deities remain in Gundicha Ghar for seven days and during this time, the Lord is offered a delicious rice cake called "padoapitha".

Atharnala Bridge
Situated at the entrance of town, the bridge of 13th century serves as the architectural marvel of the place. This ancient old bridge built with laterite, and sandstone is still in use by the residents of the city. Almost all the devotees visiting Puri come here to witness the spectacular structure of this bridge.

Temple Of Child Krishna At Indradyumna Tank
Located on the northwestern part of Gundicha Ghar, the Indradyumna Lake serves as one of the five scared tanks in Puri. The Indradyumna Tank, famous for its religious relation with Lord Krishna, fascinates every visitor. This place is far-famed for its child Krishna temple and shrine of King Indradyumna of Orissa.