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An important city in Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is India's rapidly growing industrialized city. Read the article to know more on the best time to visit Kanpur.

Best Time To Visit Kanpur

Erstwhile known as Cawnpore, this booming Indian metropolis has lots to claim than just its status of being the most populated town in Uttar Pradesh. Kanpur, the commercial capital of Uttar Pradesh, witnesses a fair share of business travelers and holidaymakers every year, who flock to the city to profit from its growing industrial sector as well as bask in many of its landmark temples and stunning natural oasis. Some of the major tourist attractions in the city are its Memorial Church, Jain Glass Temple, Radha Krishna temple, Nana Rao Park, Kamala Retreat, Jajmau and the Phool Bagh. Kanpur has a tropical climate that is similar to that of Delhi. Just like many cities in the northern part of the country, Kanpur also experiences prolonged hot summers, short severe winters and even shorter gusty monsoons. Travelers looking forward to visit the place to steal a glimpse of the centuries old temples and stroll along the beautiful gardens of the city can visit Kanpur anytime around the year. However, for a more pleasant stay, it is best advised to visit Kanpur during the more favorable months. To know more on the best time to visit Kanpur, read on.

When To Go To Kanpur


Situated on the northern flat plain, the city of Kanpur experiences extreme weather conditions. Summers in the city are blistering hot with the mercury levels barely waning beyond 420 C. During the peak summer months, the temperature shoots up to 480 C. The heat wave sets in during the months of March and continues until the first week of July. From April to June, the city receives pre-monsoon sporadic showers. By mid June, monsoon hits the city by force and stays on uptil September. Winter in Kanpur can get extremely misty with temperature levels plummeting really low. Although the city doesn't receive any snowfall, hailstorms are quite a common occurrence here.

Opting For Your Favorite Weather
If you find summer as the most desirable season to tour, then you can visit the place in the month of March, as the sun is mellow during this time. It is best recommended to skip the months of April, May and June as the heat is unbearable during this time, with sunstrokes being the most common upshot of rising mercury levels here. If you would like to feel the thrill of getting drenched in the rain, then visit Kanpur during the monsoon. Monsoon in Kanpur sets in mid June and last until September. For those who enjoy a chilly foggy winter night, anytime between October to January would be an ideal time to visit the city.

Best Time To Visit
The best time to visit Kanpur is during the months of winter. Winter in this region is most agreeable for tourist as the intense heat wave during summers and severe cloudburst during monsoons can dampen your travel plans. Winters in this district are quite dry. So carry moisturizers to protect your skin from the aridness in the air. Also, if you are traveling to Kanpur during winters, make sure to pack a few extra winter clothing to protect yourself from frosty winter bites.