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Kanpur is the ultimate stop-shop for fashionistas looking to splurge in classy leather goodies. Explore this article to know all about the shopping places in Kanpur and indulge yourself.

Shopping In Kanpur

Kanpur, the buzzing industrial city in Uttar Pradesh, may look an unlikely place for shopping. Nevertheless, browsing the city's shopping lanes should change your opinion for good. Like any other tourist destination, Kanpur has a plethora of shopping spots where you can browse for hours and pick up tons of fascinating memorabilia for your loved ones. Besides markets filled up with rustic charms, there are ample number of shopping complexes and malls flanking the land. Apart from artifacts and classy souvenirs, leather based products like shoes, belts, purses, and suitcases sells like hotcakes here. While shopping, if the aroma of the local delicacies wafting out of the popular hotels turns you on, then better hit them. Kanpur, fondly dubbed as the 'Manchester of the East' is a place that can be easily accessed from any part of India. The best time to visit this town is between the months of October to March when the weather is finely balanced. To get a detailed insight into the shopping places in Kanpur, scroll down the article further.

Things To Buy In Kanpur

Leather Products

When in Kanpur, you simply can't get home without stuffing your shopping bags with exciting leather goodies. Items made out of leather, whether it is bags, purses, shoes or jackets are a huge rage in Kanpur. Some of the shops even export leather to other countries. From classy Suede to elegant Italian Leather, you can shop for all kinds of tanned hides here. The popular places where you can stop over and take a look at the leather products are Birhana Road, The Mall, Parade, Matson Road (Bada Chauraha), Naveen Market and P.P.N. Market.

To buy authentic handicrafts and artifacts, you can hit the emporiums that are scattered all over the city. Lotus Handicrafts situated near Khalasi Lines has an amazing range of handmade paper products. Some of the popular picks of this shop include writing pad, envelopes, photo albums, lanterns, gift boxes and paper, and office accessories like document holders, files folders, color-coded files, seminar folders, etc.

Fashionable Accessories
The modern and classy malls such as Zee Mall, Salasar, City Fashion Mall, and SGM Parade are loaded with great fashion accessories that will surely catch the attention of young teenagers. Not just earrings and bracelets, but even wide varieties of apparels for both men and women can be purchased form these above malls.

Gumti No. 5, Naveen Market and P. Road are the best place to buy clothes at reasonable prices. Both men and women flock and gather in huge numbers to shop for garments here. If you are a brand freak, then visit the posh spots like Z Square Mall, Rave 3 and Rave Moti. Z Square Mall, one of the biggest shopping center in Kanpur, houses all kinds of shops and looks visually enchanting too.

Women love to stop over at Sisamau bazaar and shop until they drop. Apart from the jewelry shops, which are the main USP of this place, you can spot many local vendors here selling utensils, bangles, saris and other utility items at throwaway prices. Some of the popular jewelry shops of this market are Radhika Jewellers, Utsav Jewellers, Jain Jewellers and Raj Anand Jewellers.