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Kanpur has only a few tourist attractions that are worth visiting. To know more about the different places to visit in Kanpur, scroll down the write-up.

Places To Visit In Kanpur

Kanpur has etched a name for itself on the global map as one of the most phenomenal industrial cities in India. Situated on the banks of River Ganges, the city of Kanpur, with its myriad historical and religious legacies, is inarguably one of the thriving industrial cities in Uttar Pradesh. Fondly dubbed as "Manchester of the East," this commercial capital, apart from being a booming metropolis, is equally renowned for housing Asia's biggest zoological garden. However, that is not all to Kanpur's charms. This city boasts of a slew of spiritual centers, historical structures, amusement parks, water bodies and entertainment zones that just parlays the city's attractions. What's more, for all the die-hard shopaholics out there, Kanpur offers you a chance to splurge on its best leathers and cottons. The gastronomic delights of the city are equally mind-boggling with the local salver boasting of goodies like 'Thaggu Ke Ladoo' and 'Badnaam Kulfi'. When in Kanpur, don't forget to glut on those drool-worthy 'paan' that is one of the best available in this region. To explore the attractions and know about the places to visit in Kanpur, trail the article further.

Tourist Attractions In Kanpur


Jajmau is a place to reckon with in Kanpur and is held as one of the most important existing excavation sites not only in Uttar Pradesh, but also in India. Erstwhile known as Siddhapuri, Jajmau initially housed the kingdom of Yayati, the Pauranic king. The high mound, overhanging the Ganga, is regarded as the site of his fort. There are two temples at Jajmau, famously known as Siddhanath and Siddha Devi temples, which reflect the historical implication of this place. When in Jajmau, make sure to take a quick look at the tomb of Sufi saint Makhdum Shah Ala-ul-Haq, erected by Firoz shah Tughlaq in 1358. Another must-see structure here is the mosque built by Kulich Khan in 1679.

Shri Radha Krishna Temple
Shri Radha Krishna Temple is another artistically designed temple that melds ancient architecture with contemporary style. Shri Radha Krishna Temple, popularly known as JK Temple, is a must-visit site in Kanpur. The temple has five shrines. The central one is dedicated to Shri Radha Krishna and the others are consecrated to Shri Laxminarayan, Shri Ardhanarishwar, Shri Narmadeshwar and Shri Hanuman.

Jain Glass Temple
Jain Glass Temple, located in Maheshwari Mohal behind the famous Kamala Tower, is one of the must-see attractions in the city. True to its name, this traditionally styled building is made of glass and is embellished with glossy mirror work. The marble floors and of ornamental arches just adds to the temple's interiors. The temple displays lively paintings made of stained glass and excellent wall paintings narrating the teachings of the Jain scriptures. The temple is dedicated to the apostles and disciples of the great Lord Mahavira and the rest of the remaining 23 Jain Tirthankaras.

Kanpur Memorial Church
The Kanpur Memorial Church, also known as the All Souls Cathedral, was built in memory of the British soldiers who lost their lives in the war of 1857. The church architecture reflects the Lombardi Gothic style. It is made of bright red bricks and constructed with polychrome dressings. Walter Granville was the mastermind behind this beautiful construction. The church is made of stained glass and its beautiful architectural design makes it one of best attractions in the city. The church has a memorial garden in the premises dedicated to the departed souls. The interiors of the church contain monuments of the mutiny and several other memorial tablets.