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Soft winds, awe-inspiring forts, sleepy hamlets and secular creed, all makes Daman a revivifying destination for the holidayers. To know more on the best time to visit Daman, read on.

Best Time To Visit Daman

The erstwhile Portuguese bailiwick, the pretty port city of Daman is truly a heartwarming hotspot for the rubbernecks, beachcombers, shoppers and marine-minded people. Positioned on the Western coast of India, this quaint coastal strip, with its gangly palm trees, soft sands, inviting shores, idyllic landscape and stately forts, truly tots up as a refreshing haven. As you tread down the city lanes, the green lands and spectacular monuments catch your fancy and enumerates the royal beauty and the rich historical background of Daman. Just like its scenic charms, the gastronomic delights of the place is equally tantalizing and asserts the culture and tradition of the people in Daman. After gorging on yummy food and exploring the beautiful sites, the next important thing in every traveler's itinerary list is shopping. If you are crazy about artifacts and other authentic regional items, then the shopping lanes in Daman is your one-stop shop. Apart from its easygoing ambience, lip-smacking seafood and impressive beaches, Daman is also known for its mild, moderate climate. The article below provides you a detailed information on seasonal changes and the best time to visit Daman. To know more on this, read on.

When To Go To Daman

With a year-round pleasant weather to boast of, the climatic conditions of Daman remains agreeable throughout the year. The summers in Daman, extending from March to May, is dry and humid with the temperature fluctuating between 260C to 390C. Although the day remains severely hot, the nights here is usually cool and pleasant, thanks to its close proximity to the Arabian Sea that blows cool sea breeze during the nights. The monsoon, which extends from June to October, is the ideal time to experience the idyllic bliss of the city. Blustering rainfall lends a resplendent look to the entire landscape, making Daman look more striking than ever. The last season of the year, winter, which lasts from November to February is inviting and pleasant and is perfect for enjoying a perfect day out on the sun-kissed beaches.

Best Time To Explore Daman
The agreeable climate of Daman makes it an all-year round destination. However, if you want to experience the exotic locales and make the most of your stay, then plan your trip anytime between October to May, when the temperature is fairly pleasant. Apart from the blissful weather conditions, even the festivals celebrated during this time of the year helps you to experience the cultural side of the region. The famous Nariyal Poornima solemnized during September-October welcomes the commencement of fishing season and is one of the important celebrations of the city.

Things To Do
One of the favorite holiday hotspot in Western India, Daman has a huge list of attractions to allure the tourists from around the world. With its idyllic landscape and agreeable ambience, the city makes your trip memorable. The major attraction of the place, Devka Beach, captivates the attention of every visitor by its sparkling water and amusement park. If you love swimming, then exploring the deep waters of Jampore Beach will enthrall you. To explore the history of the city, you must visit Moti Daman and Nani Daman that are known for their sprawling forts, beautiful churches and majestic monuments. Apart from these noted places, you can visit other places like Daman Ganga Tourist Complex, Fort of Moti Daman and Kadiaya Lake Garden. After seeing these spectacular sights, you can treat your hungry stomach to delicious regional specialties.