Daman, lined with exotic beaches and tourist attractions, is every shopaholic's delight. Read on to find out the best shopping places in Daman.

Shopping In Daman

Daman, a Indian union territory bordered by Arabian Sea, is a paradise for urbanities and solitude lovers who want to while away their time by indulging in 'I-Me-Myself' time. The idyllic land endowed with sheeny beaches, beautiful landscape and amazing climate gives travelers enough reasons to stay over here and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. Besides lazing on the picturesque beaches and enjoying the warm sun-kissed rays, you can also nibble on the mouthwatering sea food here. Besides beaches, visit the magnificent Daman Fort that is splendid in terms of architecture. Shopping along the bazaars of Daman is refreshing. As you stroll along the shopping lanes in Daman, you can spot the vendors selling bamboo baskets, mats, leather slippers, handiwork etc. The fascinating beach products made solely from seashells and oysters can also be found at Maharaja Supermarket, Devka beach. Though Daman can be visited all round the year, the ideal time to visit this place is between the months of October to March. To know the top shopping places in Daman, scroll down the article further.

Things To Buy In Daman

Leather Slippers
The shops in Daman are filled with good quality leather slippers. The slippers available in myriad shapes and colors can be bought at reasonable prices. The slippers rate high on comfort factor and looks cool. Besides slippers, other leather products such as leather purse, handbags and other related accessories are also on display and make attractive gift items for your loved ones.

Seashell Products
Since Daman is famous for beaches, the beach items form an important part of Daman shopping. Seashell and oyster items like bracelets, chains and earrings can be found in bulk at Devka Beach and Nani Daman. Tourists, especially the foreigners and young crowds prefer to buy these beach products since they are sensibly priced and unique.

Bamboo Mats And Baskets
Eye-catching bamboo mats and baskets can be found exclusively in Daman and are a hot favorite among travelers. The bamboo products are very affordable, which makes them one of the most popular selling souvenirs of Daman. Bamboo mats are attractive in designs and reflect the craftsmanship of skilled artisans who are present in huge numbers in Daman.

Furniture Products
Daman is also a good place to buy furniture. Some of the noteworthy shops of this union territory are Krishna Steel Furniture, Modern Enterprises and Royal Wood Works. Usually local inhabitants flock at these furniture shops in a bid to decorate and add a touch of elegance to their living rooms.

Indian and foreign liquors of various brands are sold here at throw away prices. So, all you booze lovers, here is one reason why you need to visit Daman! The territory has a total of 10 distilleries that in turn produces a whooping 42,000 kilolitres of liquor. Besides beer and liquor, the streets are filled with wine bars that also sell Scotch whisky, tody and feni.

Electronic Products
Modern and glitzy electronic products ranging from mobile phones, microwave ovens, refrigerators to cameras and televisions can be found in the shopping lanes of Daman. Also, household appliances and customized foreign goods like perfumes, electronic items, toys, etc can be bought from the custom shops at reasonable rates.