If you are looking for a vacation in a quite colonial islet with numerous spots to unwind, then Daman is the place for you. Read the article to know more about the places to visit in Daman.

Places To See In Daman

Take the NH8 route of the Gujarat National Highway and headout to this Portuguese influenced enclave located within the state. Despite being a former European settlement, Daman is not hoarded with international tourist crowds that are commonly found in Goa. This union territory is a hotspot among the tourists not only because of its charms but also because of its Portuguese flavors. With its smooth sandy beaches, remnants of the Portuguese bygone era, fresh succulent seafood and its laid back atmosphere, Daman poses as a promising holiday option for the vacationists. With less than 100 sq km of area, the place has quite a few places to see such as forts, catholic churches, unadulterated sandy beaches accompanied with water based activities. During monsoon, the whole island pulsates with exciting events such as boat competitions, swimming contest and cultural festivals. Keep that camera handy as you will never find it too hard to stumble on a beautiful location to capture in Daman. Read the article to know more on the various places to see in Daman.

Tourist Attractions In Daman

Fort Moti Daman
The Moti Daman Fort in the parish is a massive and enormous monument that one cannot miss out. The fort is spread across a sprawling area of 30,000 sq.m of area that was built during the 16th century and has withstood the test of time. The citadel has two main archways, one that leads to the southwards while the other towards the north. The best part of the forts architecture is the fosse at the southern entrance that leads to the seaside, through the long dark inner passages of the fort. The fort Moti Daman is truly an architectural marvel that cannot be described adequately in words.

Jampore Beach
If you are looking for an uninhabited beach that does not experience strong currents or that shelters hard rock's lying beneath its cool waters, then head straight to Jampore Beach. The water here is perfect for those who love to swim or just wade. For those who are not interested in testing the waters, you can just idle on the sandy beach watching the bright orange sun sinking down the Arabian Sea. Surrounded by casuarinas plantation on the sides, the place gets breezy during the evenings and is a perfect time for a nice quiet stroll around the shores of the beach.

Church of Bom Jesus
Established in the year 1669, this Portuguese styled church is an aide memoire of the colonial rule in India. The cathedral represents beautiful and intricate designs that were commonly found in Portuguese architecture. The main highlights of this church are its pleasing altar, heavily carved doors, elevated ceilings and the gratifying sights of the six saints that welcome you once you enter the church. This Roman Catholic Church attracts both tourists and pilgrimages.

Dominican Monastery
This was previously a theological research and study centre that once held numerous seminars for clergy novitiates. The place once attracted innumerable Catholic intellectuals from around the world. There is no concrete reason as to why the monastery remains obsolete. However, the lost devout reveries of the place stands before you as an acknowledgment to the place's past opulence. The authorities of the Roman Church do celebrate to venerate St. Dominic and also conduct a mass that attracts several pilgrims.

Damanganga Tourist Complex
The Daman tourist complex in the port town is a one-stop entertainment centre in the island. The place is usually visited by travelers and local families to have a great time outdoors. Daman tourist complex is a beautiful and unpretentious place that comprises of modest tiled cottages, small eateries with delicious lip smacking food, water based activities, sparkling fountains and beautiful sprawling gardens. This tourist complex is a great place to spend the evening out with friends and family.

Fort Of St. Jerome
Located in Nani Daman, the Fort of St. Jerome is an interesting historical site to visit. The fort is named after by a prominent Catholic priest with the view to venerate him. This stronghold has a magnificent entryway, which has two gigantic figures that stand towering above you, facing towards the sea. Inside the fort, the beautiful church of Our Lady of the Sea and a peaceful cemetery attracts your attention. The view of numerous colorful fishing fleets floating around the Arabian Sea is definitely a pleasing sight to capture.

Church Of Our Lady Of The Rosary
Church of our Lady of Rosary is a small but a peaceful old Portuguese cathedral, which is yet again another reminder of the first European rulers in the region. As you cross the over grown foliage rooted near the surroundings of the church and step inside this quiet abbey, you are likely to experience a sense of spiritual solace. Despite its depleting walls and ceilings, dusty windowpanes and withering gold painted woodcarvings that were once a masterpiece, the importance of this church can be in no way undermined and till date remains an important attraction of the place.