The new Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet is here to dismantle your misgivings about the convertible�s inconvenience. Scroll down to know what exactly we are talking about.

Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet
You for sure know what a cab is. How did the term come about? Well, the word �cab� owes its origin to the French language. �Cabriolet� in French means to �to cavort� or� �to cut a caper�. By the 1700s, the term began to mean a �light, two-wheeled horse carriage with a folding leather top�. Gradually, any carriage for hire was referred to as a �cab� and so we have the cabs of today, known as taxis in some countries. The first motor vehicles invented in the late 1800s were open cars without any tops. With the automobile industry evolving fast, the term �cabriolet� began to mean a convertible that had a back seat and could seat at least four people. A convertible is any vehicle with foldable rooftops. Now that you know about cabs and cabriolets, how about jumping in a convertible with the roof stowed when the thermometer shows almost single figures? Impossible! � You think. Dispelling all your notions about convertibles is the new Mercedes E-class Cabriolet, a car that makes the inconceivable a reality for you. The seventh product in the E-Series from the company in India, the Mercedes Cabriolet uses a mix of technologies to create a dynamic convertible that ensures you have a delightful ride throughout the year.

Design & Comfort
The classy cabriolet looks elegant with its long arrow shaped front and an elevating rear that exude energy and dynamism even when the car is standing still. The flawless open top consists of three layers of weather-resistant material and provides excellent insulation even when the weather condition is extremely poor. The E Class cabriolet is imbued with graceful speed. The fully electric fabric top retracts and opens in just twenty seconds even when the vehicle is travelling at 40 km per hour. If you want to operate the top from short distances, you can do that with the help of a built in key provided in the radio remote.

Coming to the interiors, the cabriolet can blow you away with its sheer spaciousness. The upholstery makes use of the finest quality materials. For stability while driving, low noise levels and low fuel consumption, good aerodynamics is of the essence. The convertible exemplifies all of this. The stunning Mercedes E-class Cabriolet comes with the innovative AIRCAP system, which is optional. The AIRCAP system allows you to tame the air in order to ensure that its occupants are not ruffled by the turbulence. This also helps reduce the noise level considerably which facilitates better audibility for front and area passengers. The resourceful instrument console is equipped with a system that warns you when the tyre pressure is low. The PARKTRONIC assistance system helps you park the car with ease and the two-zone automatic climate control allows you to maintain the temperature at the desired level for the driver and front passenger.

The state-of-the art engine technology used in the Cabriolet�s engine makes it not just a very powerful car, but also a car that complies with stringent emissions standards. The maximum power generated is 272 bhp and the peak torque delivered is 355 Nm.

The Cabriolet is fitted with many standard and innovative features that make driving as worriless as possible. Among the many standard features it is equipped with, one is the unique �Attention Assist System�. This software system alerts the driver on detecting any signs of erratic behavior such as drowsiness. Examples of cutting edge safety features include automatic emergency braking, which activates in the event of a likely collision, adaptive high beams that use a camera mounted on a windshield to automatically control high-low beam operation, etc. For the occupants to relax and enjoy the journey without any apprehensions, the E-Class Cabriolet also hosts a roll-over protection system, tailor-made for its particular style.

Variants & Price
The luxurious E-class Cabriolet convertible is offered in two engine configurations. One is the E 350 that gets a 268 horsepower while the E550 generates 382 horsepower. It is priced at around Rs. 65, 00,000.

Technical Specifications & Features

Make E-Class Cabriolet
Body Type Convertible
Number of Doors 2
Seating Capacity 4
Fuel Tank Capacity 66L
Length 4698mm
Width 1786mm
Height 1398mm
Wheelbase 2760mm
Wheel Track Front 1538mm
Wheel Track Rear 1544mm
Ground Clearance  
Gross Weight 2235kg
Kerb Weight 1765kg
Type V-Engine
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement 3498cc
Transmission 7 Automatic
Max. Power 272 @6000
Max. Torque 355 @2400
Front Suspension McPherson axle with coil spring
Rear Suspension Multi-link independent suspension with coil spring
Front Discs, internally ventilated
Rear Discs, internally ventilated
Steering Type Power
Tyre Size Front - 245/40 R 18
Rear - 265/35 R 18

Hope the article filled you in with information on the innovative Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet.