If it´┐Żs a roadster, it has got to be the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Roadster. Read your way through this article for a closer look at the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Roadster.

Mercedes SL- Class Roadster

Mercedes SL- Class Roadster
The machines that fall under the Mercedes Benz SL-Class are roadsters that have been manufactured by the company since 1954. The cars have been known as much for their power, as they have been known for their class. The classification ´┐ŻSL´┐Ż owes its existence to the German ´┐ŻSport Leicht´┐Ż or ´┐ŻSport Light´┐Ż. ´┐ŻSL´┐Ż was first used on the 300SL ´┐ŻGullwing´┐Ż which was aptly named so because of the car´┐Żs upward opening doors. SL-Class roadsters are different experiences altogether. You get into the car, you start the engine and almost instantly your heart starts beating like a hammer would in a blacksmith´┐Żs shop. It´┐Żs instant gratification, that´┐Żs what it is. Economically and environmentally speaking, the SL-Class Roadsters come with a huge advantage. One look at the fuel gauge and you will be able to place a finger on the fact that the car goes easy on fuel. Read on for a closer look at the cars that belong to the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class.

Design & Style
One look at an SL-Class Roadster and you are bound to be captivated by the car´┐Żs seating positions, low, but still capable of making a ´┐Żpassenger´┐Ż feel like royalty. The looks of the SL-Class Roadsters are accentuated by a pleasingly long front stretch, retouched tail lamps clusters, flowing lines and brilliant headlamps. However, if there is one design feature that sets the car apart, it has got to be the gull wing style doors that open skywards! WOW! This sporty car promises a great driving experience, courtesy electrically adjustable seats. The cabin of the SL-Class Roadster is dominated by chronometers, which only make the dual toned interiors look that much better. What´┐Żs more, the audio controls of the car are mounted on the multi-function steering wheel, helping to make the car a rare breed. As for the leather that covers the seats of the car, you can really choose from the best of the best. To cut a long story short, as for the interiors of the car, like almost of the rest of it, you really have nothing much to complain about or nothing more to ask for!

What lies within the variants of the SL-Class is really quite powerful. At the heart of the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class SL 500 lies a powerful V8 engine, which is capable of generating power of 388 hp @ 6000 rpm and a peak torque of 530 Nm @ 2800-4800 rpm. The SL 350 runs with the assistance of a V6 engine that dishes out power of 316 hp @ a peak torque of 360 Nm @ 4900 rpm. As for the SL 63 AMG, the car is blessed with a V8 engine that is capable of generating power of 525 hp @ 6800 rpm and a torque of 630 Nm @ 5200 rpm. The SL 600 owes its power to a V12 engine, that dishes out power of 517 hp @ 5000 rpm and a maximum torque of 830 Nm @ 1900 ´┐Ż 3500 rpm. The engines that call the SL-Class home are all designed to consume less fuel, while still managing to deliver great performance and reduced exhaust emissions.

The safety features that each and every Mercedes-Benz SL-Class roadster comes with is top-notch, no doubts about that. The car´┐Żs ´┐ŻActive Body Control System´┐Ż comes with the promise of optimal handling stability. This feature helps the person steering the roadster stay in control when the car is cruising at high speeds. The SL-Class Roadster comes with quite a number of active and passive features that make it quite a safe machine. The most noteworthy of all the car´┐Żs safety features are its ´┐ŻElectro-Hydraulic Brake System´┐Ż and the ´┐ŻIntelligent Light System´┐Ż (ILS).

Variants & Price
In India, there are three variants of the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class that you can get your hands on. These cars are the SL 500, SL 350 and the SL 63 AMG. As for the price of the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, yes, you do have to pay quite a large sum. Purchasing an SL-Class will set you back by roughly around Rs. 1.20 crores.

Technical Specifications & Features

Make Mercedes-Benz
Model SL-Class
Body Type Roadster
Number Of Doors 2
Seating Capacity 2
Fuel Tank Capacity 80 liters
Length 4532 mm
Width 1827 mm
Height 1298 mm
Wheelbase 2560 mm
Ground Clearance 116 mm
Minimum Turning Radius 5.7 m
Kerb Weight 1910 kg (SL 500) 1825 kg (SL 350) 1895 kg (SL 63 AMG) 2045 kg (SL 600)
Type V6 petrol engine (SL 350) V8 petrol engine (SL 500 & SL 63 AMG) V12 petrol engine (SL 600)
Number of Cylinders 8 (SL 500 & SL 63 AMG) 6 (SL 350) 12 (SL 600)
Displacement 5461 cc 5513 cc (SL 600)
Transmission 7G-TRONIC, automatic (SL 500 & SL 350) 5-speed automatic transmission (SL 600) AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission (SL 63 AMG)
Max. Power 388 hp @ 6000 rpm (SL 500) 316 hp @ 6500 rpm (SL 350) 525 hp @ 6800 rpm (SL 63 AMG) 517 hp @ 5000 rpm (SL 600)
Max. Torque 530 Nm @ 2800-4800 rpm (SL 500) 360 Nm @ 4900 rpm (SL 350) 630 Nm @ 5200 rpm (SL 63 AMG) 830 Nm @ 1900-3500 rpm (SL 600)
Front Suspension Active Body Control (ABC) (SL 500, SL 63 AMG & SL 600) Coil spring with stabilizers (SL 350)
Rear Suspension Active Body Control (ABC) (SL 500, SL 63 AMG & SL 600) Coil spring with stabilizers (SL 350)
Front Disc brakes, internally ventilated and perforated
Rear Disc brakes, internally ventilated
Steering Type Rack-and-pinion, speed-sensitive
Tyre Size 255/45 R 18 (SL500) - front and rear 255/45 R 17 (SL 350) - front and rear 255/35 R 19 - front (SL 63 AMG) 285/30 R 19 - rear (SL 63 AMG) 255/40 R 18 - front (SL 600) 285/35 R 18 - rear (SL 600)

There you go, all the information you wanted about this gorgeous car.