Reva is an environment friendly car. It runs on electric battery and is available in India.


REVA Electric Car Company Private Ltd. (RECC) is a Bangalore based Indian car manufacturing company. It was established as a joint venture between the Maini Group India and AEV LLC, California USA in 1994. The duo is committed to produce environment-friendly and cost-effective electric vehicles. Company's first product came out in June 2001 after seven years of R&D known as Reva Car. The company aims to produce several such products in future.

Under the patronage of Bangalore based company 'Reva Car Company', Reva is India's first no-pollution environment friendly car. It runs on electric battery and provides an environment friendly drive for 80 kms on 8 hours full charge. Reva is a fully automatic car without any clutch or gears. Reva can be easily charged by plugging into any 15 Amp socket at home or work. The most interesting feature of this car is that it provides you a very economical transportation. The fuel cost of Reva is about Rs. 0.40 per km.

The success of commercialization of REVA CAR at affordable prices can be credited to India based 'Maini Group', which has been in constant effort to produce a zero-pollution transportation equipment and automotive components since 1984. The joint venture of Maini and AEV LLC, California is basically guided by the "zero principle� of the Maini Group The vision of RECC is to establish a tradition of environment friendly transportation all over the world. It also works on the principle of Zero wastage and Zero compromises. The company aims to provide the best quality electrical vehicle at a very pocket friendly price.

The company also has several awards and recognition to its kitty, all of them for their first invention, Reva. Few of them are 'Ms Swami Nathan Award' by Rotary club of Madras East, 'Thomas Alva Edison Award for Innovation' by Young Entrepreneurs Organization YEO and the Edison presentation Foundation in Mexico, 'SESI Business Leadership Award' by Solar Energy Society of India, 'Golden Peacock Award' by Institute of Directors, New Delhi and 'Most Ethical Car Award' in UK.

Reva Car
Rewa is a battery operated electric car, specially designed for city roads. A totally pollution free vehicle, it has an onboard charger to facilitate easy charging, which can be carried out by plugging into any 15 Amp socket at home or work. A fully automatic car, it has no clutch or gears.

Design and Interior
The Classe variant of the car has body colored bumpers, with trendy hub-caps and stylish Decals. Maintenance cost is low. The hatchback version provides comfortable ride for the passengers. With high seating position and wide doors, passengers have easy ingress and egress. All seats in the car have adjustable head-rest, making the journey comfortable.

The car has well-appointed interiors, with ample space for the passengers and luggage. All the three models have foldable rear seats, which means that you can make extra room for the luggage. Small storage spaces have been placed tactfully in the car. An efficient air conditioning system has been mounted on Rews AC. The compressor is powered by a separate electric motor. AM/FM stereo system ensures that you have music to listen while you journey. Accoutrements like dual-tone leather eats, floor mats and luxury carpets have put in the Classe variant.

Variants and Price
Reva is available in three variants - Reva Standard, Reva AC, and Reva Classe.

The car has safety features like dent-proof ABS body panels, side-impact beams, a steel space frame and dual-braking system. The steel space frame protects the passengers in the event of collision. All models have scratch proof ABS body panels. The cars can withstand small impact collisions. Side impact beams are fitted on the doors. Large crush zone in the front ensures that the passengers do not get a serious injury in the event of a collision.

Technical Specifications of Reva

Type Two door hatch back
Payload 4 persons (227 Kg)
Top Speed 65 km/hr
Charge time 80% charge in 2.5 hrs; 100% charge in 6 hrs
Motor High torque (70 Nm), separately excited DC motor, 13 KW peak
Controller 400 Amp microprocessor based with regenerative braking
Length 2638 mm
Width 1324 mm
Height 1510 mm
Ground Clearance 150 mm
Wheel Base 1710 mm
Turning Radius 3505 mm
Unladen Weight 750 kg