Hindustan Motors Limited (HML) is India's premier automobile manufacturing company.

Hindustan Motors

Hindustan Motors
Hindustan Motors Limited (HML), one of India's premier automobile manufacturing company, was set up in 1942 by BM Birla of the renowned Birla family. The company manufactures passenger cars (Ambassador). Multi Utility Vehicles (Trekker, Porter, and Pushpak) and the RTV. The company also makes passenger cars in the mid size premium segment (Mitsubishi Lancer). Ambassador has brought several of its models in Indian market in collaboration with Mitsubishi, Japan.

About the Company
Hindustan Motors Limited (HML), was incorporated at Port Okha in Gujarat as a small assembly plant for passenger cars by Birla Group. Later the manufacturing facilities were shifted to Uttarpara in West Bengal in 1948, where it began the production of the Ambassador.

Apart from the passenger cars (Ambassador, Contessa), Multi Utility Vehicles (Trekker, Porter, and Pushpak) and the RTV, the company also manufactures passenger cars in the mid size premium segment (Mitsubishi Lancer). It has brought in Sports Utility Vehicle (Mitsubishi Pajero) into the Indian market in collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors of Japan.

The company has contributed a lot for over five decades to the Indian Automotive industry. Its manufacturing facilities are situated in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. With core values of quality, safety, and environmental care, in combination with customer-oriented total solutions, the company is serving Indian automobile industry.

Ambassador Car
Ambassador has been serving Indian customers since 1948. It has maintained the base features of its brandname, and, at the same time, it has readily accepted needed changes in its specifications. A tough and all-terrain vehicle, it is good for any kind of road condition. Ambassador Classic, a new model, is a combination of usefulness and technical prowess.

Mitsubishi iCar
Mitsubishi iCar is vehicle with space age looks. It could seem fragile to some, though it is not. With engine at back, it could also seem a bit odd for conventional buyers. The car has a range of modern features and catchy looks. Users who tune up to unconventional looks and style could like the icar.

Mitsubishi Lancer
Diligently designed for Indian road conditions, Mitsubishi Lancer offers innovative technology combined with economy. And, of course, performance. The car has wax injection, which improves resistance to body corrosion in rust prone areas. Its tropicalised AC is tailor-made for Indian conditions.

Lancer Cedia
Lancer Cedia is a premium car which has evolved from the legendary Evo Series of Mitsubishi. The car can make quite an impression with its performance. A driver enjoys driving the car which, on demand, can produce more power for him. To sit behind the dashboard in Cedia is quite a nice experience.

Mitsubishi Pajero
Mitsubishi Pajero, a joint venture of Mitshubishi and Hindustan Motors, is a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Assisted by advanced stabiliser and secured with enhanced safety features, Pajero takes on any terrain without any hiccup. It is available with various sizzling color options.

Mitsubishi Outlander
To add to the list of Japanese adventure-filled traveling pleasure on Indian roads, enters Mitsubishi Outlander, an out-an-out classy and deluxe sports utility vehicle. With Pajero, Montero, Lancer, and Cedia already established in their respective segments, Outlander comes equipped with comfortable feel, shiny looks, luxurious interiors, and inducing exteriors, desired by every buyer in a good vehicle.