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Once you are done rubbernecking at the palaces, lakes and locals, stopping at the shopping destinations would be the next best thing to do. To know all about the shopping places in Udaipur, read on.

Shopping In Udaipur

Tucked away in the southwestern part of Jaipur, the pictorial city of Udaipur is the ultimate cynosure for every tourist's eyes. Unlike the rest of Rajasthan, Udaipur is encircled with abundant greenery and several natural water bodies, thereby earning the city it's tag of 'Venice of the East' and the 'Lake City'. Over the years, Udaipur has emerged from its erstwhile status of monsoon retreat to become one of the most romantic travel destinations in the world. The city is flanked with several citadels that have been now converted into heritage hotels. However, the legendary attraction of Udaipur isn't just confined to its lakes and buildings. Udaipur has a bevy of shops spread across street-side stalls and exclusive showrooms that sells almost everything from pottery to jewelry to paintings, toys, clothes and lots more. A shopping experience in Udaipur can be better summed up as a tryst with vibrant hues, exquisite handicrafts, and warm shopkeepers. If this is your first trip to the bazaars of Udaipur, then don't forget to negotiate for a good deal and lay your hands on as many things as possible. Read this article to know more about the shopping places in Udaipur.

Shopping Places In Udaipur

Chetak Circle
You cannot really get away from Udaipur without visiting the Chetak Circle, which is the most important commercial zone in the city. Selling a wide variety of traditional and contemporary Rajasthani items, this most-flocked shopping destination is best known for items like folk toys, hand painted fabrics, tie and dye saris, silver jewelry and Pichwai paintings. Apart from that, you can also shop for brassware, painted wooden boxes, handmade papers and more in this place.

Jagdish Temple Street
When touring Udaipur, don't forget to make a stopover at Jagdish Temple Street that bustles with local handicraft stores. Here you can shop for items like traditional wooden toys, vivacious puppets, multi-hued tapestry, bright colored cloth lanterns, painted wooden objects and handmade postcards. You will also find a good deal of mud and metal articles in the shops here. So don't miss the opportunity to browse through the stores and pick for yourself a nice handcrafted souvenir to take back home.

Lake Palace Road
You definitely need to carry an extra bag when visiting Udaipur for there are too many things to buy here. From a wide array of multi-hued Rajasthani weaves to embroidered fabrics to lush cloths, you are likely to be spoiled for choice when shopping in the lanes of Lake Palace Road. Also don't forget to check out for the batik and hand printed clothes that are famous in this region. Well, speaking about clothes one cannot forget to mention the traditional ornaments here. You can find about anything from precious gems, kundans to silver trinkets to complement your style and dress in this place.

City Palace
If you would like to take back home a slice of Udaipur's majesticity, then visiting the City Place and picking up some Pichwai paintings would leave you with an awesome souvenir to take back home. These miniature paintings are made on silk, wood, marble, paper and ivory with a few contemporary changes in its designs.

Clock Tower
One of Udaipur's most noted landmarks, Clock Tower brims with shopping options for the buyers. From copper wares to earthenware and metal assortments, you can pick for yourself a wide variety of traditional souvenirs from this place.