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Holidaying in Udaipur can be quite a blissful experience only if you get your timings right. Read the article to know more on the best time to visit Udaipur.

Best Time To Visit Udaipur

The royal state of Udaipur is any day a vacationer's ultimate holiday pick. This agreeably over-the-top tourist destination, which is flocked by both national and international tourers, unfailingly lives up to its regal splendor. Endowed with three lakes, two lake palaces and a number of mansions and several gardens, the ostentatious city of Udaipur is indisputably 'royalty' defined. Adding to its regal grandeur is the heroic past of the city's palaces and monuments that boasts of fascinating legends and gives a sneak-peek into the lives of the 'ranas' and the 'maharanas' of Udaipur. Besides its rich culture and heritage, Udaipur is a popular honeymoon destination in India and a great tourist place to visit. If you plan to visit Udaipur any time soon, then know that the city has a tropical wet and arid climate. Like Rajasthan, Udaipur too has intense heat waves in summers and extreme chilly nights during winters. Read the article to know more about the best time to visit Udaipur and plan your trip accordingly.

When To Go To Udaipur

Summers in Udaipur can be extremely stifling as the mercury levels here soars up to a maximum of 420 C during the days and drops down drastically during late in the evenings. The summers here, which persist from April to June, are extremely hot and dry, which is why you should avoid visiting Udaipur during this time of the year. Udaipur receives pre-monsoon showers during the months of June that somewhat tones down the heat. The actual monsoon period sets in during the months of July and lasts until mid September. Udaipur receives meager rainfall during monsoons and remains extremely humid. Winter is, by far, the most pleasant season of all. The winter days are bright and crisp while the nights can bring in cold chills. So if you are traveling to Udaipur anytime between November to February, don't forget to pack in enough woolens.

Opting For Your Favorite Season
Summers are unbearable in Udaipur. Hence, it is best to avoid traveling to Udaipur during the summer months, as the days aren't suited for a pleasant excursion. However, if you insist on exploring Udaipur under loads of sunshine, then it is best advised to visit the city during the month of March when the temperature is mild. If you prefer pleasant days to scorching hot summers, then you can stop by this city any time between mid September and March. During these months, the climate stays pleasant, thereby adding to your delight. For all those monsoon lovers, you can visit Udaipur in the months of July and early September as the city witness a fair share of rainfall during this time.

Best Time To Visit
The best time to visit Udaipur is during the months of October to March. During these months, the climate is relatively pleasant and more agreeable. Winters in Udaipur are the ideal time to visit the royal city and explore its scenic best. Another reason why you should visit Udaipur during this time is that you can witness the colorful Mewar festival that takes place during March. The Mewar festival is rejoiced in order to welcome the season of spring. The city comes alive with its energetic folk dancers, singers, colorful fireworks and other exhilarating cultural activities that are worth experiencing.