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Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, abounds with great tourism attractions. To get a deep insight into the tourist attractions in Ranchi, read further.

Places To Visit In Ranchi

The congenial atmosphere and waterfalls is what catches your attention no sooner you step inside this wonderful city. Most parts of Ranchi are inhabited by tribal people whose colorful ethnic garbs and intriguing customs are sure to grab your eyeballs. Since the place is aptly named as 'City of Waterfalls', leaving Ranchi without making a visit to Johna, Dasham, Panchghat , Hundru and Hirni falls would be a sheer folly. To know what real unity is, hire a shared auto and enjoy interacting with your fellow passengers. Shared autos can be seen all over the city and is the cheapest mode of transportation here. People of Ranchi love digging into typical North Indian cuisine and if you are hungry, stop at popular restaurants like Bholu Bhai, Kathi Kabab, 7th Heaven and Capitol Hill that serve scrumptious food. Also, do not forget to steal a glimpse of celebrated Indian cricketer, MS Dhoni's house in Ranchi. Who knows, you might end up getting an autograph from the man himself! To know more about the tourist attractions in Ranchi, scroll down this write-up.

Tourist Attractions In Ranchi

Nakshatra Van
This picnic spot, located right opposite to the Raj Bhavan, is perfect for family outings. Set up by the Jharkhand forest department, this park is eye-catching and so are its trees and plants. Besides colorful flowers and beautiful lawns strewn all over the park, there is also a musical fountain, an artificial waterfall and a bridge. The whole park glows under artificial lights in late evenings. Take a boat ride in the Nakshatra Van water tank or check out for the medicinal plants library that has a rare collection of valuable plants.

Ranchi Lake
Situated at the base of Ranchi Hill, Ranchi Lake mesmerizes visitors with its scenic landscape and surroundings. The place spells serenity and the water birds that gather in this lake add an interesting facet to the tourism spot. Do indulge in pleasant boat rides and savor the splendid beauty of the lake. The evenings, besides being cool, are the best time to watch sunsets. If time permits, head over to the Ranchi Hill that has a Shiva temple perched on the top.

Rock Garden
Rock garden, situated in the heart of the city, is one of the most frequently visited tourist places in Ranchi. This garden, which is closely located to Kanke Dam, has found profound popularity due to its striking resemblance to the famous rock garden in Jaipur. The garden, built out of the rocks of the Gonad hill, has nature admirers and tourists swooning over its attractions like the waterfalls and the sculptures.

Dassam Waterfalls
The sight of clear water falling from an altitude of 144 feet is refreshing to both body and soul. Situated 40 km off Ranchi, Dassel waterfall is a picture-perfect destination and a great way of surrendering yourself to nature completely. The sound of splashing water fills up the ambiance and some visitors can be seen taking a bath under the falls.

Tagore Hill
To have a spectacular view of the whole city, head over to this place that is situated 3 km away from Ranchi GPO (General Post Office). The great poet Rabindranath Tagore is said to have written number of books while sitting at the top of this hill and hence, the tourism spot has been named after him. After inhaling some fresh air, head out to seek tranquility by visiting the renowned Ramakrishna Ashram located at the base of the hill.