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The former summer capital of Bihar, today the 'City of Waterfalls' stands proud as the capital city of Jharkhand. To know the best time to visit Ranchi and explore its waterfalls, read on.

Best Time To Visit Ranchi

Famous for its great hospitality, exquisite culture and enchanting beauty, Ranchi, the former summer capital of Bihar, has loads to offer to its visitors. Situated in the scenic atmosphere of Chota Nagpur Plateau, the exquisite land of Ranchi provides a refreshing break to anyone willing to make an escape to its soothing ambiance. With a string of attractions to its name, Ranchi definitely ranks among every globe trekkers must-visit list. Tons of tourists from across the globe fly to this region to experience its scenic splendor and amazing weather. What's more, the spectacular tribes of the region give you a sneak-peek into the intriguing culture of the soil. The shopping destinations and yummy delicacies further add to the USP of Ranchi. To explore the authentic splendor of Ranchi, it is always good to visit the place at the right time. This article below gives you information on the best time to visit Ranchi.

When To Go To Ranchi

Fondly dubbed as the 'City of Waterfalls', Ranchi enjoys humid sub-tropical climate. Endowed with many natural attractions, lush woods and pleasant climate, the city experiences three main seasons namely, summer, winter and monsoon. The summer season here, which prevails from March to June, is usually warm and clammy with the mercury levels oscillating between 200C min to 370C max. The summers in Ranchi are quite pleasing as compared to its other neighboring states. However, to escape from the hot wind blow, it is recommended to wear light colored cotton clothes all the time. The monsoon here, which lasts from July to October, brings in abundant rainfall, thereby adding to the lush beauty of the region. The winters just like the summers are mild with temperature ranging between 100C and 200C. If you happen to be in Ranchi during winter, don't forget to carry enough warm woolen to save you from the chill.

Best Time To Explore Ranchi
All though there is no particular time to explore the grandeur of the city, the peak summer seasons between March and June are best avoided if you don't wish to get a bad tan. The low temperature days from September to October are most preferred to explore the attractions of the city. The pleasing weather during this time keeps you away from the extremity of seasons, helping you to get the best view of the region.

Things To Do
Its inimitable scenic splendor, royal delicacies and noted shopping destinations make Ranchi the perfect city. Endowed with dozens of attractions, a trip to Ranchi is likely to be a great expedition for any traveler. Some of the unmissable attractions of this place are the Tagore Hill, which is known for its historical connections with Rabindranath Tagore, Rock Garden and Deer Park. To justify the tag of the 'City of Waterfalls', Ranchi hosts a string of spectacular waterfalls like the Hudru, Hirni, Dassam and Johna Falls. All these waterfalls are known for their scenic beauty and bustling energy that attracts every tourist visiting the place. Several hills and thick forests surrounding the city help you to explore the serenity of nature. Besides its natural splendor, you can explore a fair number of shopping destinations in the city, which delights you with its colorful regional specialties and international branded goods. Adding to its charms is the yummy food of the terrain that keeps your tummy happy even while you are away from home.