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Pondicherry is not merely a great tourism destination but also every shopper's haven. Scroll down to find out more on the shopping places in Pondicherry.

Shopping In Pondicherry

Pondicherry, with its rich French connection and heritage, continues to beckon tourists with its intriguing features such as historical monuments, gardens, old colonial buildings, neat roads and more. Pondicherry, fondly known as Pondy, is an ideal getaway destination for many travelers. An itinerary ceases to be a fun-filled activity if there is no time reserved exclusively for shopping. Therefore, to make your travelling experience even more memorable and beautiful, shop across the bazaars and market lanes stretched all across Pondicherry. Some of the popular shopping places in Pondicherry are Boutique Auroshree, Curio Centre and Sunday Market that sells souvenirs like papier-mache products, terracotta items, scented candles, bronze figurines and hand-dyed fabrics. Pondicherry is well-connected to the rest of the country and is the ideal place for a weekend vacation or a long holiday trip. Given below is the list of the shopping places found in Pondicherry. Read it carefully as it will help you to shop more smartly the next time you are in Pondy.

Shopping Places In Pondicherry

Pondi Sunday Market
Pondi Sunday market is a unique place that sells almost anything and everything under the sun. Both young and old come here to purchase cheap apparels, metal plates, cups, scarves, pots, shoes and lots more. The shops here are colorful and so are the items found here. On weekends and holiday occasions, the market is packed with eager buyers. Carry an umbrella incase you are stepping out or visiting this place in summer.

Kasha Ki Aasha
To buy some gorgeous looking fabrics, craft articles and lovely mementos, hit Kasha Ki Aasha. You don't need to head out to any other hotel or cafe to catch up on food and conversation, since this colonial building has a roof terrace that serves light meals and not to forget, some great coffee too. Located on Surcouf Street, this pleasant looking place is a huge rage among young tourists who like to hunt for knickknacks.

La Boutique D Auroville
La Boutique D Auroville has an amazing assortment of curios ranging from fancy jewelry, woodcarvings, carpets papier-mache to funky T-shirts, leather bags, aromatics and more. The most popular selling souvenir of this boutique is the delicate looking lampshade that is made of dried flowers and handmade paper. Also, check out the food section that is stocked with jams, lemon curds, pickles and so on.

Grand Bazaar
Grand Bazaar, tucked between Bharathi Street and MG Road, is the most happening shopping hub in Pondicherry. Local inhabitants and tourists flock in huge numbers to browse this busy market and lay their hands on fruits, spices, house hold accessories, vegetables among others. Housed within the lane is the fish market where women vendors sitting inside the dungeon type of building can be seen selling variety of fishes.

Yes, you heard it right! There is fabulous Fabindia outlet in Pondy too. Located right opposite Alliance Francaise, this lovely shop stores a wide range of hand woven goods, apparels, accessories furnishings and other stuffs. Book lovers can check out the French Bookshop located upstairs of the building.

Casablanca on Mission Street has a perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern items. While in one section you can find handicrafts and other related stuffs, in another corner of the shop, you can spot stylish Levi jeans, cool branded bags and Nike sneakers. Also, housed within Casablanca is a pizzeria that ensures that your tummy stays happy even during a long day of shopping.