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With its picturesque green, broad boulevards and scenic seafront, Pondicherry serves as a major tourist hub. Read the article to know when to go to Pondicherry to make the most of your trip.

Best Time To Visit Pondicherry

Are you fed up of the hustle and bustle of your daily life? Then take a break from your mundane existence and enjoy a holiday in the midst of calm and serene beaches in Pondicherry. The exotic blend of French colonial heritage, spiritual institutions, traditional culture and emerging contemporary lifestyle makes you fall in love with this idyllic coastal city. With a Gallic background to boast of, Pondicherry ricochets with French influence through its spectacular French constructions, which are the mainstays of this place. If you want to experience the quintessential Pondicherry, then there is no better way than to hit the city. With its string of beautiful beaches, ashrams, shopping destinations and drool-worthy cuisines, Pondicherry is a must on every wanderlusts itinerary. The restaurants serving the regional specialties are so popular for their authentic taste that even foreign tourists cannot help but beam at every bite. With its beautiful amalgam of inspiring nature, culture and history, Pondicherry serves as the best holiday destination in India. To explore the beauty of this land, make sure you visit this city at the right time. To know more on when to visit Pondicherry, go through the article below.

When To Go To Pondicherry

With its year long hot and humid climate, the temperature of Pondicherry shuttles between 260C and 380C. March, April, May and June are the hottest months of the year with the mercury level rising above 400C during peak summer days. If you visit the place during this time, it is best advised not to step out in the sun without sunscreen lotion, hats and light colored cotton clothes. The monsoons, extending from July to September, give relief from the hot windy days with pleasant showers of southwest monsoon making the weather mild. With the umbrellas, raincoat and a cup of hot coffee, touring Pondicherry during the rainy season is quite an experience in itself. With the departure of drizzling rains, the chilling months of winter encroach upon the city. Serving as the most beautiful season of the year, the months between November to February remains pleasant. If you get a chance to explore the place during winter, then make sure to pack some woolen clothes as the nights can get quite chilling at times.

Best Time To Explore Pondicherry
If you are planning to visit Pondicherry, then September to March is the best time to explore this coastal city. The pleasant weather during this time definitely promises to make your trip memorable. Apart from the idyllic clime, you can also enjoy the festive attractions of the place during this time. Some of the spotlit festivals of the season are Pongal, International Yoga Festival and most importantly the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Shopping, feasting and partying in the beaches makes you feel the real essence of the festive seasons.

Things To Do
Being the hub of French colonial influence in India, Pondicherry serves as the best tourist destination for both local and international tourists around the globe. Walking through the clean streets takes you through innumerable colonial buildings, churches, monuments and spectacular beaches. Some of the noted beaches of the territory are Serenity Beach, Chunnamber Beach, Promenade Beach and Auroville Beach. Apart from the exotic beaches, the amazing shopping destinations lures you with its exquisite leather products, pottery, beautiful handicrafts, traditional clothes and many other things.