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This pristine beautiful island has fast become a popular vacationers spot in India. Go through the write-up to know more about the places to visit in Kavaratti.

Places To Visit In Kavaratti

Kavaratti, a part of the Lakshadweep archipelago, is an enthralling natural paradise, geographically located close to the coast of Kerala and bounded by the Arabian Sea. With its white sandy beaches, soothing sea, fascinating marine life, breezy coconut palms, and beautiful lagoons, Kavaratti is truly every tourist's ultimate getaway. This isle is a great place to relax, rejuvenate and indulge in some amazing water sports. Kavaratti has something to offer to everyone, from stunning architectures of the town mosques to amazing water sports to serene and pleasant ambiance. While you are in the town do make sure to grab a bite of the local fare that is inspired from the spicy Malabar cuisine. Kavaratti offers a mix of calm and scenic surroundings and a string of exciting sporting activities. If you love water sports, then Kavaratti is the best holiday for you as it offers many water escapades such as scuba diving, snorkeling, water and wind surfing etc. Read the article to know all about the tourist attractions in Kavaratti.

Tourist Attractions In Kavaratti

Kavaratti has nearly fifty-two mosques, each of the mosques being a unique example of local artisanship. Out of the fifty odd mosques you can spot here, Ujra Mosque stands with its beautiful structure and stunning sculptures. The mosque, constructed by Sheikh Mohammed Kasim in the 17th century, boasts of beautifully carved ceiling made of driftwood, with intricate patterns and colored in pale green and dark red. What's more, there is a well in the mosque whose water is said to have healing powers and is frequently visited by the ailing and the sick. Apart from the Ujra Mosque, there are other mosques like Ajara and Jamnath, which are equally famous for its high ceilings and intricate minaret carvings.

Marine Aquarium
Whether you are a marine biologist or an underwater enthusiast, you must visit the Marine Aquarium and catch a glimpse of its exotic aquatic life. Also serving as a local museum, this place displays a wide variety of marine species and corals. The highlights of the aquarium are its small sharks, sea cucumbers, octopuses, fishes and anemones. You can view them through a glass compartment, which is quite a fascinating experience. The museum also hosts a collection of unique corals, shells and a few varieties of fish fossils of species that are extinct now.

Dolphin Drive
The Dolphin Drive centre is another must visit place in Kavaratti, especially for the scuba dive enthusiasts. The centre has quite a few scuba packages that conduct diving in coral reef places in the island. Besides this, the Dolphin Drive organizes coaching classes for both first time and professional divers. The best part of this place is that you can hire a glass bottom boat to check out the interesting sea life in the region.