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Whether planning a leisure trip or a post-nuptial vacation to the picturesque Kavaratti, it is essential to know the best time to visit Kavaratti to make the most of your vacation.

Best Time To Visit Kavaratti

Kavaratti, the stunning capital city of Lakshadweep, studded with palm-strewn beaches, is a cynosure for the honeymooners, tourists and even outlanders, who flock to this island outpost to soak up some sun and laze around in the beach. Kavaratti Island is the ultimate hotspot for water-gambols who flock this island to indulge in attractions like boating, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, etc. The island's lagoons are not just a visual delight but also serve as a haven to a wide variety of aquatic life including starfishes, sea cucumbers, octopus and anemones. Besides lagoons and beaches, Kavaratti also houses 52 mosques of which Ujra mosque is the most popular one. The capital enjoys three seasons - summer, winter and monsoon. Evenings are generally cool and you can feel the breeze gently embracing you. Know more about the weather conditions and the best time to visit Kavaratti by scrolling down the page.

When To Go To Kavaratti

Kavaratti experiences scorching summers. The maximum temperature during the summer months darts beyond 350C, making it intolerable for the tourists to stand the sweltering heat. Taking a cool dip in the sea or indulging in constant showers is the only way to keep oneself cool during summers. On especially hot days, you can see the locals and tourists reclined on the beach, sipping on cool drinks and enjoying the suntan. April and May are the hottest months in Kavaratti and traveling during this time is inadvisable. If you do, then make sure to carry umbrellas, sunscreens, and moisturizers and don't forget to wear light clothes while venturing out.

Winters in Kavaratti Island boasts of warm days and cooler nights. The temperature usually fluctuates anywhere between 300C to 220C making it quite pleasant for tourists to hit this spot. Though the nights aren't usually nippy, it's always wise to pack enough warm clothes to protect yourself.

Opting For Your Favorite Season
The ideal time to visit Kavaratti Island is between November to April when the ambiance is moderate and people can enjoy adventure activities including windsurfing and snorkeling. There is no dearth of hotels and tourism huts in Kavaratti. Hence, finding an accommodation is never really a problem for the tourists. Besides, there are many private cottages exclusively designed for couples that offer quality services. Kavaratti is gifted with a rich marine life and pristine blue beaches, making the island a dream destination for the wanderlusts.

Things To Do
If you are a true-blue water sport freak, then Kavaratti is your ultimate vacation spot. From snorkeling to glass bottomed boat rides to hi-speed thrills like windsurfing, para sailing and water skiing, Kavaratti has absolutely no dearth of delights for the adventure buffs. The shallow lagoons tot up as the ideal setting for indulging in activities like deep-sea fishing and scuba diving. What's more, Kavaratti hosts water actions like kayaks, canoes and surf modules, thereby making it the ultimate retreat for the vacationists.