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Gangtok has many excellent shopping spots. To know more on the different shopping places in Gangtok, read on.

Shopping In Gangtok

The hilly town of Gangtok, posited on the Shivalik Hills, with its pointy peaks, inspiring views and warm culture truly poses as an amazing getaway destination for the vacationists. Cuddled against the Himalayas, the fascinating city of Gangtok is the best place to experience a laidback vacation trip. The beautiful terrain, the smiling faces of the local people and their religious practices lend a mystic aura to the town. The town is dotted with a number of markets and shops that are known for embellished items such as handicrafts and artifacts that display the talent of local artisans and artisans. Apart from that you can also shop for Lepcha weave bags, bamboo artifacts and other amazing local handicrafts. From tiny hangings to huge handicrafts and from stunning carpets to exotic jewelry the city serves all your needs. To know more about vibrant shopping spots in Gangtok, explore the sections below.

Shopping Places In Gangtok

What To Shop
Popular for its diverse culture, Gangtok is admired for colorful shopping destinations, which will delight you with its spectacular attractions. Among the list of specialties, canvas and wall hangings are ones that are known for flawless use of colors and threads that display the historical and tribal background of people. The world famous Tibetan Carpets with stunning patterns reflect the art and culture of the state. The beautiful dragon sets with gold polish, silver and precious stones are known for their exquisitely carved designs. Some of the other must buy items of the city are Sikkim tea, alpine cheese, black cardamom, fresh bamboo shoots, glass beads, hand-woven jackets, semi-precious stones and silver jewelry. Apart from the mentioned items, there are plenty of other novelties and handicrafts that will surely mesmerize you by their fine art. To get a few important shopping places in this town, read on.

Directorate Of Handicrafts And Handloom Emporium
The 'Directorate of Handicrafts & Handloom Emporium', the new name for the 'Handloom and Handicrafts Centre' of Sikkim attracts every person visiting Gangtok. Situated near the main market area of city, it was founded in 1957 by the Chogyals of Sikkim. Established with the intention of preserving and propagating the art and craft of local artisans, it displays traditional motifs, carpets and various other local handicrafts such as Thankas, Choksee, hand-carved wooden tables and furniture. The carpets that are produced here are highly admired for their fine textures and amazing designs that range from the most recent designs to very traditional ones. With no less than 500 workers engaged in crafts and art, the emporium produces the best quality products at very reasonable prices to favor the tourists and art lovers. Thus if are looking for a rich collection of items at throwaway prices then the Directorate is the place for you.

Shopping Areas
To get the essence of exquisite items of the city, you can go through the lanes of noted market areas of Gangtok such as Old market, New market, Lall market and M.G. Road. These markets are good to roam around and shop in, as the bazaars and super markets are full of lovely items for you to buy or just admire. Presenting almost all the popular items of Sikkim, these places sell traditional as well as contemporary items that captivate the attention of every person visiting this place. Sikkim Tea, which is admired for its exotic taste and unique flavor, serves as the ideal gift to carry back home from Gangtok.