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Famous for its Buddhist monasteries and its stunning landscape, Gangtok is a popular tourist destination. Explore this article to know the best time to visit Gangtok.

Best Time To Visit Gangtok

As you journey through the winding roads towards Gangtok, the path ahead of you seems to be covered with cotton fleeces. This is because of the dewdrops that cover the roads on a chilly day. The trek up the hill is a complete delight to your senses. If you have seen the travel catalogues on Gangtok, you would know that they all promise you a spectacular view of the Kanchenjunga. One of the highest peaks in the world, a view of the Kanchenjunga range is truly a treat for the eyes. For many of us, Gangtok may seem like a remote little village perched on a hilltop, but in reality, the town hosts many exciting events. From trekking and river rafting to flower exhibitions and peaceful monasteries, Gangtok does have a string of things to flaunt. Gangtok is a charming little town with friendly people who have an adventurous streak in them. With a climate that is pleasant all throughout the year, Gangtok beckons travelers from far and near. Explore the following sections to know about the best time to visit the picturesque hill station of Gangtok.

When To Go To Gangtok

Weather Conditions
The weather condition in Gangtok is similar to the sub-tropical highland areas. Summer in Gangtok commences from April and lasts until the first few week of June. The temperature during this season usually goes up to 250 C and dips down to a minimum of 160 C. Winter temperature in this Himalayan hill station can range anywhere between a chilling 70 C to 40 C. Although some places close to Gangtok experiences snowfall, Gangtok rarely sees any snowfall. Winter sets in during the last week of December and lasts until February. Monsoon in the town is extremely severe and sometimes can trigger landslides, thus, blocking the roads and the highways. June to September sees severe rainfall in the region.

Travel During The Right Season
During the summer season, the hills come alive with the colorful blooms and the clear, blue skies look stunning. Summer begins in the month of March and last until the early days of May. This is the best time to try out water sports like river rafting, which is very popular among the tourists here. Winters, on the other hand, are extremely cold with occasional snowstorm adding to the winter chill. Autumn in Gangtok starts from October and lasts until November. The pleasant weather during autumn makes it the perfect time for an action-packed day outdoors. Pre-monsoon season begin towards the end of May. During June to September, Gangtok receives heavy rainfall and landslides that disrupts the communication in this region.

Best Time To Visit
The best time to visit Gangtok would be anytime between March to May. The weather during these summers months are absolute delightful with cool mountain breeze and the amazing view of snowy Kanchenjunga transforming from blushing pink to fiery golden orange, good enough to woo your senses. Another reason to visit Gangtok during summer is to witness its brilliant flower show, which is one of the major attractions of this hill station. The flower exhibition, which lasts from the month of March to June, hosts the best of the local flora and fauna available in the region like the multihued orchids, bonsai, sunflowers, marigolds, poinsettias and other beautiful seasonal flowers. If you happen to be in Gangtok during this time, make sure to attend this flower show.