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Are you planning to visit Coorg sometime soon? If yes, then read this write-up to know about the best time to visit Coorg.

Best Time To Visit Coorg

While you are in Karnataka, you must make a stopover to explore the southwestern part of the territory and make a quick visit to Coorg. Surrounded by acres of lush emerald colored vegetation, exotic scenery and coffee plantations, Coorg makes a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of hectic city life. Despite being a desired tourist destination in the region, this hilly district remains untainted by commercialism as compared to other hill-stations in South India. The amazing assortment of flora and fauna in this region makes for a delightful sight and adds to Coorg's immense beauty. Trees such as ebony, oak, sandalwood, teakwood and mahogany along with other rare varieties of plants grow here. As this district is not heavily populated, you will find acres and acres of vegetation and coffee and tea plantation. Coorg has many wildlife sanctuaries that are often visited by many wildlife photographers and aficionados. Since this hill station is situated at an average altitude of 900ft above sea level, the temperature tends to be pretty cool all through the year. Explore the following sections to know more about the best time to visit Coorg.

When To Go To Coorg

Coorg mainly experiences summer, winter and monsoon seasons. Summer in the district commences towards the end of March and lasts until mid June. The temperature level during this time reaches a feverish high of 280 C and more. April and May are the warmest months of the year. The district experiences heavy rainfall from the months of July to September. By the end of November, winter sets in and the temperature drops down to110 C or even lesser. Winter in this region remains the same from November to early March with very little changes.

Opting For Your Favorite Season
Coorg is at its best during the summer season. Although the district experiences pretty high temperature during the summer, it still is one of the best times to visit the district. With sunny weather and passing clouds, you can indulge in some challenging sporting activities such as trekking, angling and golf. If you choose to visit the place during summer, plan your trip in February or March, as the subsequent months can get somewhat oppressive. July to September sees the presence of the rain gods at their best with rainstorms and torrential rains. It is, therefore, not a good time to visit Coorg during the monsoon season. The rains guarantee to dampen your well-laid plans. However, if you still want to witness the monsoons, then visit Coorg during September to November. Winters in Coorg are absolutely splendid. You can wake up to beautiful misty mountain views, chilly weather and enjoy a hot steaming cup of coffee to pep up your lazy morning. The best part of visiting Coorg during winter is that nothing changes except for the weather. November to March is usually the winter season.

Best Time To Visit
The best time to visit Coorg is from November to March, as the hill station is most pleasant during these months. With perfect weather conditions, one just cannot stay away from outdoor fun. During this time, the air is quite arid. So make sure to pack your moisturizers and light woolen garments. Another reason for you to visit Coorg during this time is to take part in the celebration of 'Puttari', which is the chief harvest festival here. The festival is celebrated during November or December and involves a weeklong preparation. Besides watching the ceremonies, you can also indulge in some mouth-watering delicacies. The local delicacies are something that one should definitely savor.