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Coorg or Coorg, popularly known as the 'Scotland of India' has a plethora of shops to its name. To get an insight on the shopping places in Coorg, read on.

Shopping In Coorg

Coorg is more than just an abode to coffee plantations, trekking spots, tea estates and endless varieties of flora and fauna. The city is a trekker's paradise with places like Brahmagiri Hill, Nishani Motte, Pushpagiri, Peak of Iguthappa, Tadiandamol adding to its attractions. Hotels, guesthouses, heritage resorts and lodges occupy most of this small little hill station. The ideal time to hit Coorg is between September and March when the weather is most agreeable. Besides sightseeing, another important activity that a tourist should not forget to indulge in is shopping and eating out. The local Coorg delicacies worth trying out are Meenu Saaru (Fish Dish), Pandi Koli Saaru (Chicken dish), Karri (Pork dish) and Kadabu. Just like every tourism place is blessed with shopping streets and stalls filled with curios, even Coorg has a string of shopping places. Though this district doesn't have any modern swanky malls, it is filled with stores that sell wonderful memorabilia. Read on to know more on the shopping places in Coorg and the best selling items that every traveler visiting this place ought to know.

Things To Buy In Coorg

Spices And Dry Fruits
Signature spices like pepper, cardamom, cumin, mint, oregano, sage, basil, bay leaves, thyme, garlic, and rosemary is found here in bulk. Coorg is equally famous for its dry fruits like cashews, figs, and raisins, which are very popular among the locals and tourists. As you walk along the town, you will come across various pepper, wines and other spice plantations. The spices and dry fruits are of superior quality and found in abundance. The local stores usually sell spices in small white boxes and glass jars.

Coorg Honey
Coorg honey is rich in its taste, flavor and quality, and is considered to be the best honey in the Indian market. Many shops sell pure Coorg honey that is the signature item of this place and is an instant hit with local inhabitants, health freaks and tourists. However, before buying them, look out for Coorg Ag-Mark Honey that marks the authenticity of the honey. Beware of the vendors who try to sell low-quality honey at exorbitant prices.

Chicory Coffee
Coorg, with its sprawling coffee estates, happens to be one of the major producers of coffee in India. The coffee grown here is unadulterated and carries a strong aroma that can tempt any person to buy packets of them and treasure them in their lovely kitchen. Buying coffee powder from Coorg should be one of your items on your must-buy list.

Coorgi Costumes And Traditional Weapons
The Kodava costumes that are visually appealing and gripping are sold in the local shops here. Men and women usually wear traditional attires during auspicious occasions and events like weddings and religious functions. While the men's wear looks simple yet elegant, complete with a black robe, head gear and red cloth wrapped around the waist meant to hold a silver knife (odikathi), the women wear sari in a unique Kodavathi style. Also, Coorg jewels like 'Kokkethathi' and 'Peechekathi', the dagger, which every true Kodava possesses, can be bought from the retail stores.

Oranges And Chocolates
Besides spice plantations, the people here also grow oranges that are juicy and tasty. Coorg oranges are unique because they are easy to peel off and carry a tinge of citric tang and sweetness in them. Many local people of Coorg are expert in preparing chocolates of different kinds. Coorg that also cultivates grapes is famous for producing homemade wine and toddy, a kind of liquor made from coconut palm.