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Gardens are blissful retreats that give us a much-needed break from our hectic lifestyle. Scroll down this article to know about the gardens in Chennai.

Gardens In Chennai

Chennai, one of the oldest cities of India, is the home to intriguingly lush landscape that beckons visitors from near and far to come and unwind on a hot smothering day. Gardens in Chennai are the ideal getaways to escape from the chaos of city clamor and take a deep dive into the lush lap of nature. Be it a young lad or a sweet couple, parks and gardens are the right retreats for all kind of people to beat the heat and treat themselves to bountiful greens. These picturesque green spaces not only satisfies the penchant of every wanderlust looking to escape the city din but also tots up as a perfect place to spend some time musing over nature and life in general. The verdant greens, luxuriant blooms and aesthetically designed green lawns offer a real retreat to wearied spirits. Scroll down and take a look at some of the best gardens in Chennai.

Popular Gardens In Chennai

Nageswara Park

Located off the Luz Church Road in South Chennai, Nageswara Park is the ultimate retreat for wearied minds. Established in the year 1940, this nature’s reservoir has abundant greenery and colorful flowers to boast of. The sidewalks, benches and garden lights are aptly placed with colorful fountains totting up as its other attractions. Nageswara Park is also the home to rare trees like Capsia Fistula, Lapostromea, Neem, Palms and Tabulia, making it one of its kinda of park for green enthusiasts. This park is open for visitors from 7.30 am onwards.

Natesan Park
Natesan Park is yet another famous garden in Chennai. It is located at T. Nagar, which lies on the heart of the city and is considered to be one of the most thronged parks in Chennai. Many people prefer to visit Natesan Park for a break from the rush of fast-paced lifestyle. Established in the year 1950, Natesan Park houses a huge number of trees and plants. Some of them are Crotons, Aralias, Bougainvillea, Acalypha, Ceesil Peniea, Pulcharima, Mahogany, Neem and Gulmohar. This park is the chosen place for joggers and walkers. It also offers a tennis court for lawn tennis enthusiasts.

Sivan Park
Sivan Park is one of the eminent parks in the western part of Chennai. It is located at P.T.Rajan in K.K Nagar. It is the ideal place for a peaceful walk in the midst of green trees and bushes. There are convenient pathways and sitting places in the park. One of the special attractions of this park is the huge deity of Lord Shiva. The garden also houses a well-maintained nursery with flowering herbs and shrubs. The park is easily accessible from all parts of the city by any local transport.

Children’s Park
Children’s Park is one of the famous parks in Chennai meant for the recreation and amusement of children. Children’s Park houses quite an extensive variety of foliage and houses quite a many play attractions for kids. Attractions like swings, merry-go-round, seesaw etc. offers the perfect sport for kids, making this park a favorite destination for the children. The park committee also arranges jolly rides and pony rides for recreation of the kids.