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To enjoy a pleasant stay in Chennai, make sure you visit the city at the right time. Go through this article to know more on the best time to visit Chennai and make the most of your stay.

Best Time To Visit Chennai

The bustling city of Chennai, with its imperial history and dazzling showbiz status, is probably one of the most humble cities you will ever come across. Once the hub of seafarers, cloth merchants and spice traders, today this economic powerhouse of Southern India stands as one of the most prosperous metropolitan cities of India. Known for its religious centers, monumental architectures, shimmering beaches, beautiful landscapes and friendlier people, a visit to Chennai can be quite an experience for the first-timers. With dozens of nightclubs, discotheques, restaurants, shopping malls and a stunning but conservative culture to its name, a visit to Chennai can be both entertaining as well as intriguing. If you can’t wait to explore this coastal city, then packing your bags and heading for it right away should appease the traveler instincts in you. However, before you head out for the city, stop to check out the best travel seasons, as Chennai can scorch you with its extreme temperature if you turn up during searing summers. To know more on best time to visit Chennai, read on.

When To Go To Chennai


Situated on the southernmost corner of the country, the coastal city of Chennai hardly experiences any major climatic variations all throughout the year. Located in the tropical zone, close to the equator, Chennai usually has a warm, humid temperature. It’s best to stay away from this coastal city during the months of April, May and June, when the temperature is at its acme. Chennai is pretty infamous for its singeing summers with mercury levels soaring beyond 45 degrees centigrade during peak summer months. The winters here are far more tolerable and pleasant than the scorching summers, with months of December, January and February toting up as the best travel seasons of the year. Chennai receives very little rainfall during the monsoons. However, higher levels of humidity and water scarcity make the monsoons a poor choice for a trip.

Best Time to Visit
Because of its scorching temperature and long summers, winter season is by far the most preferred time for the tourists to flock to this place. Winters in Chennai are cool and pleasant and offers a refreshing respite from otherwise scorching temperature of this place. The occasional light drizzle further adds to the mist and charm of the season. Along with its friendlier weather, the winter seasons also offers a string of colorful festivities like Pongal, Diwali, and Christmas that just adds to the city’s vibrant demeanor. The winter temperature fluctuates between 28 degrees centigrade to 32 degrees centigrade during the day and drops down to 20 degrees centigrade during the night. Therefore, you don’t really need to carry heavy woolens with you on your trip to Chennai.

Things To Do
Chennai, the religious capital of India, attracts huge number of tourist with its stunning colonial architecture and rich traditions. Take a stroll down the quaint streets of the city or perch yourself on Marina Beach to enjoy the sunset on a cool and breezy day. Winter is probably the best time to enjoy the long sandy beaches, historical monuments and lush green parks without having to sweat yourself under the sun. Being a religious hub, Chennai boasts of a string of temples and churches. Therefore, if you are keen on religion, Chennai has a lot to offer to you. Apart from beautiful landscapes and bustling streets, you can also relish the local food here or shop for some authentic Kanjeevaram saris and steel utensils in Chennai.