Read about Mitsubishi iCar review. Mitsubishi iCar is likely to be introduced in India.

Mitsubishi iCar

Mitsubishi iCar
Mitsubishi iCar is vehicle with space age looks. It could seem fragile to some, though it is not. With engine at back, it could also seem a bit odd for conventional buyers. The car has a range of modern features and catchy looks. Users who tune up to unconventional looks and style could like the icar.

Design and Interior
Location of engine in the boot results in a good cabin space with plenty of leg and headroom in the front. Although the car's exteriors are small, it has sufficient space to seat four. With engine at the back, the steering is light but precise. Mitsubishi iCar's compact dimensions result in easy maneuverability, making it fit for the narrow roads.

The car possesses a good suspension to provide good ride quality. It has several useful features like lots of storage space in front, neatly hidden cup holders and a decent-sized booth. The vehicle has been built around a bespoke aluminium spaceframe chassis, which has enabled designers to push the wheels right into the corners, thus maximising interior space within very small exterior dimensions. Enough means that the driver doesn't feel too close to the front passenger, and two adults can sit in the rear with proper head and legroom. A conventional four-speed automatic transmission takes power to the rear wheels.

This is a 600cc, 12-valve, 3-cylinder car with a 4-speed auto gearbox. The three-cylinder turbocharged engine is rear-mounted, hidden under the boot floor and a standard-fit. The engine delivers a peak power of 63bhp. The car delivers the impressive mileage of 16km per litre.

In India, Mitshubishi iCar is priced around Rs 7 lakhs.

Frontal zone takes care of minor collisions. Advanced technology has been used in brakes which are quick to slow or stop the car. The steering wheel collapses in event of accidents and minimizes injury to the driver.