The first question that comes to your mind when you think of visiting any tourism spot is “When is the right time to visit?” Find out about the ideal time to visit Srinagar in this write-up.

Best Time To Visit Srinagar

Srinagar, the lovely capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is best feted for its surreal charm and idyllic climate. The very idea of placid Dal lake, rimmed with handsome ‘shikaras’ against a mountainous milieu, evokes a feeling that cannot be summed up in words. Rambling gardens, hulking conifers, picturesque jade blue lakes and religious shrines lend this postcard perfect destination much of its charm and elegance. It’s hard to think of Srinagar without its archetypal Chinar trees, houseboats, scenic landscapes, snow-capped peaks and Jhelum River that all elevates the beauty of this hill resort to dizzying heights. While in winter, heavy snowfalls envelops the entire city and slows down the pace of life here, the summers paint a different picture altogether. Despite of the violence and political tensions that mars the popularity of this city, Srinagar continues to draw thousands of tourists throughout the year. Read further to find out when to go to Srinagar.

When To Go To Srinagar

Most of the tourists and even some travel experts claim that April to June is the right time to visit Srinagar. This is because the weather is cool and salubrious. The temperature during April to June usually ranges between 10oC and 30oC, thereby making it one of the most pleasant time of the year. Thus, travelers will find it perfect to explore the tourism spots during this period.

Monsoons in Sringara are accompanied by the frequent spells of rain showers. All plans of visiting Srinagar should be usually avoided during this time since the monsoons here does not give enough scope for the travelers to explore the outside locales or go for sightseeing. Even the localities stay indoors and don’t go out much during this season.

Winters in Srinagar are mainly characterized by shuddering frost and heavy snowfalls. Some tourists wait until the winter months to travel to Srinagar as it gives them the opportunity to experience snowfall and indulge in cool winter sports like skiing and ice-skating. In case you have made your mind to travel to Srinagar during winters, then make sure you carry enough warm clothes, sweaters, socks, gloves and woolen caps to keep yourself warm. The winter nights are extremely cold as the temperatures drops to the lowest level after nightfall.

Best Time To Visit
April to June is inarguably the best time to visit Srinagar when the heat melts the snow in the lakes and the colorful blooms swathe the entire region. However, picking your best travel season is one thing that is best left to your personal choice and convenience. What makes Srinagar a truly unique pace is that each season has its own charm. If you happen to visit Srinagar in the month of October or November, then don’t forget to seize the opportunity of witnessing Baikunth Chaturdashi Mela, which is one of the main festivals celebrated here. During this auspicious occasion, the lights illuminate the streets of the hill station and people can be seen celebrating the occasion with great pomp and vigor. This four-day festival includes sports events, cultural shows and food festivals. Similarly, in the month of January, there is lohri festival that is celebrated with equal fervor. For the adventure lovers, Srinagar is the ultimate heaven. With thrills like aerosports, rafting, trekking, golfing and skiing featuring among its major thrills, there is no reason why should to get away from this land without giving yourself an adrenaline pump. Visit this ‘Switzerland of the East’ and enjoy your slice of paradisiacal beauty.