If you are looking for a place that includes sun, sand, beaches and adventure, then Port Blair is the right place for you. Read the article to know more about the places to visit in Port Blair.

Places To Visit In Port Blair

Get geared up to experience a great vacation in this tropical paradise, posited a little outside the map of India. With warm sunny weathers, breezy coconut palms, great beaches and water thrills, the island is a perfect place to relax and relieve those tight stress knots that have been building up at the back of your mind. Port Blair promises to provide a well balanced holiday that comprises of great fun and frolic with a glimpse of the islands emotional past along with a calm and meditative ambiance. The isle, being a former British settlement, the place has few landmark structures that will take you back in time, during Indian freedom struggle. Some of the best tourist attractions in Port Blair are Cellular Jail, Zri museum, Mini Zoo, Anthropological Museum, Chatham Saw Mill etc. A trip to Port Blair will be incomplete if you have not savored the local food, which consists of spicy seafood. After a gastronomic fare, you can head to the bazaars in the island to shop for shell jewelry, cane furnishings and woodcarvings that are famous in this region. Read the article to know the best places to visit in Port Blair.

Tourist Attractions In Port Blair

Cellular Jail
The Cellular Jail in Port Blair erstwhile served as the torture chamber to several criminals and prominent freedom fighters of India. The confinement was built during the 20th century to imprison several leaders who were responsible for the Indian freedom movement. The jail was first a seven-wing detention center. However, today only three of them remain as the Japanese destroyed the rest during the Second World War. The jail also comprises of a museum that host a series of instruments that were used to inflict torture on the inmates sent to live here. A visit to the cellular jail is truly an emotional one to most Indian's visiting the place.

Gandhi Park
The Gandhi Park is small little recreational center that provides a number of amusements like fun rides, historical relics and water sports. The park also has a few remnants of the World War II, with Japanese bunker and temple. Gandhi Park also includes a Dilthaman tank that was once the only source of drinking water in the region previously. Besides the above mention things to look out for, Gandhi Park also has a lake, gardens and eateries, making it a popular spot among families for a day's jaunt.

Mini Zoo
The mini zoo is located on Haddo, which is on the way to Delanipur-Chatham road. The zoo hosts a series of rare species of birds and animals that were prevalently found in this region. The zoo is open on most days, but do enquire with your hotel travel agent to know more on the timings of the zoo.

Anthropological Museum
The anthropology museum provides informative details on the various ethnic groups present in the Andaman & Nicobar Island. The museum has a wide variety of artifacts such as tools, clothing, and pictures taken by renowned photographers. The storehouse spreads light on the life of various indigenous tribal groups that lived in this region and is interesting place to visit.

Samudrika is a museum that is managed by the Navy. The place has a vast collection of corals, shells and different variety of fishes that are a colorful mesmerizing sight to be lost in. Since the Indian Navy manages the place, you can also find precise geographical and historical facts about the isle. The museum is said to be situated close to the Teal House.

Zsi Museum
Zsi museum is another storehouse on marine and animal life found in the island of Port Blair. The place has a variety of sponges, corrals, butterflies, centipedes and other animal displays. Zsi museum is managed by the Zoological Survey of India and comprises of valuable research annals.