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Khajuraho, the whimsical land of India, best known for its exotic temples is also a shopper's paradise. Read on to find out about the shopping places in Khajuraho.

Shopping In Khajuraho

Madhya Pradesh's most enviable city, Khajuraho whose main claim to fame are its stunning temple complexes swathed with sensational stone sculptures, is truly every art lover's ultimate stop. It's no surprise that this city of moon god has been adjudged as world heritage site owing to its impeccable collection of magnificent shrines. Besides local tourists, even foreigners flock to this land to discover and capture its magnificent splendor and experience real India. Besides its string of baroque temples, Khajuraho is dotted generously with sophisticated resorts and lodges that apparently boast of superlative services. Shopping and exploring the wide alleys here is equally gratifying. Every lane is endowed with shops loaded with local handicrafts and stone-carved replicas of erotic sculptures. Also, if you are lucky enough, you can stumble upon some vendors selling local knick-knacks that makes for incredible gift items. The best time to make a visit to this renowned tourism spot is anytime between September to March. Scroll down the write-up to know about the top shopping places in Khajuraho.

Things To Buy In Khajuraho

Textile And Saris

Khajuraho is famous for variety of saris and textile products. Emporiums and apparel shops have a well-stocked collection of clothes and saris infused with delicate patterns and designs. Almost all the major shopping complexes sell Indian wears and other related stuffs to appease their customers. Hit the souvenir shops located near the entrance of the famous 'Western Group Of Temples' to pick up embroidered kurtas and colouful dupattas at throw-away prices.

Miniature Stone-Carved Replicas
Khajuraho, the land dotted with titillating sculptures is well known for its stone-carved replicas of exotic figures that arouse your senses with their sensuous composition and pose. Many bazaars and gift shops are loaded with the statues that sell like hot cakes and grab the eye-balls of every tourist.

Silver And Brassware
For purchasing fascinating silver and brasswares, you can head over to Rajinagar, which organizes weekly bazaar on every Tuesdays. Even though the products are very reasonably priced, it's always advisable to put your bargaining skills to the optimum use. Evenings generally get crowded, so better reach the place early and pick the best item. Rajinagar is situated just 5 Km off the main town can be easily reached from Khajuraho via local buses.

Traditional Handicrafts
Local artifacts and handicrafts are another popular selling souvenir in Khajuraho. Emporiums and handloom stores are the safe place to step inside to purchase the craft wares. A place called Craft Emporium nestled in Hotel Gem Palace on Jain Temple Road sells a spectacular range of sand stone figures besides other products such as brasswares, tribal artifacts, and paintings among others. Another good place to visit is Mrignayani located near Gole market.

Besides handicrafts and miniatures of stone sculptures, the lively markets of the city are also filled with street stalls selling funky jewelry items like silver rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, etc. Karan Jewelers, Chandela Emporium and Krishna Jewelers placed in the heart of the city are some of the popular shops to buy jewelries.