The proud capital of the Holkars, Indore hosts a slew of historical monuments and beautiful landscapes. Read on to know more about best time to visit Indore and explore its varied charms.

Best Time To Visit Indore

Indore, a city where historical past, technological advancements and architectural grandeur walks hand in hand, is inarguably the most important tourist hub of Central India. Nestled on the banks of River Narmada, Indore, popularly deemed as 'Mini Mumbai', is wadded with a spate of historical monuments that testifies to the courage, affluence and innovative artisanship of the Holkars. The most recent advancements in the field of textiles, automobiles, and IT industry have made the city one of the leading commercial centers in India. Adding to the natural and economical triumph is the number of educational institute spread across the city that attracts scores of aspiring students from across the world. To know more about the beauty and glory of Indore, do take out some time to explore the blissful lanes of the land. However, before you plan your trip, make sure you visit the place at the right time to enjoy your vacation to the utmost. Explore the article below to know more about the best time to visit Indore.

When To Go To Indore


Thanks to its positioning on the geographical map, Indore enjoys a moderate climate all throughout the year. The summer season, which extends from April to June, is usually intense with mercury levels shuttling between 350 C to 400 C. During the peak summer days, the temperature can even skyrocket to 450 C. Nevertheless, the evening land breeze blowing from Malwa plateau brings a comforting change from the blistering sunny days of summers. From July to September, the city receives light drizzle that lowers the intensity of simmering summer largely. During the winter months of November to February, Indore witnesses extremely cold weather with temperature ranging between to 20 C to 30 C.

Best Time To Explore Indore
Although there is no particular time to visit the city, yet the months between October to March are considered as the best, as the city looks great post-monsoon. The popular festivals of Indore, namely Deepavali, Ganeshotsava and Rang Panchami are all celebrated with great fanfare during this time that helps you to explore the cultural side of this city. When planning a visit to Indore, make sure you have a fair idea of the weather conditions and do carry all the necessary cloths to make yourself comfortable.

Places To See
Endowed with a slew of tourist attractions, Indore is visited by tourists from around the world. Ranking high on Madhya Pradesh's list of tourist cities, the city captivates the attention of every visitor by its historical monuments, temples and other architectural splendors. Some of the notable attractions of the city are Rajwada, Kanch Mandir, Central Museum, Lalbagh Palace and Chatri Bagh. A slew of good hotels in the city offer best service at affordable rates. Therefore, the tourists can pick their accommodation according to their interest and pocket.