Gwalior, the tourist capital of Madhya Pradesh, has a bevy of great tourism attractions. Know more about the famous tourist attractions in Gwalior in the following write-up.

Places To Visit In Gwalior

Gwalior, the princely city of Madhya Pradesh, evokes grandeur and royalty in indisputable style. The regal forts, palaces and not to forget, the oldest bazaars lives up to their reputation and impresses the visitors with their graceful beauty. October to March is the ideal time to visit this place. If you are lucky enough to be at this place in the month of November or December, then don’t miss to catch up on the biggest and the most celebrated Tansen music festival that happens every year at Tansen Memorial. To take home some lovely memorabilia, hit the iconic Patankar bazaar or the Government emporiums that offer some best deals. Someone had rightly said that when in Gwalior, there is never a place for boredom, for there is so much to see, feel and do. Being culturally deep-rooted, the people here have a huge respect towards folk music and other ethnic festivals. Discover more about the famous tourist attractions in Gwalior by scrolling down the article further.

Tourist Attractions In Gwalior

Gwalior Fort
Gwalior fort that has a rich trail of legacy behind it is elegantly built and is majestic in its appearance. The ancient fort, sprawling across 3 km and 35 m in height, is easily one of the most important landmarks in the city. It is hard to miss out this important tourist spot that catches your attention. Within this magnificent building, there are other important tourism attractions like the Karan Palace, the Jehangir Mahal, the Shah Jahan Mahal and the Gujri Mahal. Also, check out the water tanks and three temples housed inside the fort premises.

Jai Vilas Palace And Museum
The pearly-white Jai Vilas Palace is currently the residence of the royal Scindia family. The structure and the well-lit rooms inside the palace gives enough glimpse about the royal lifestyle led by yesteryear’s kings and queens. The bright Darbar Hall, comprising of two central chandeliers, is not just eye-catching but also serves as the main highlight of the palace. Every detail you find inside this building, be it draperies, ceilings, fine Persian carpets, tapestries, antique furniture, gives you a glimpse into the regal heritage.

Gwalior State Archaeological Museum
To get a slice of the historical condition of Gwalior and to see its rare antiquities, try visiting this famed archaeological museum. Located right opposite to the Hathi Pole gate of the Gwalior Fort, the museum houses a splendid collection. Copper plates, sculptures, inscribed seals, stone pillars, inscriptions, stone capitals, metal images, sati stones, terracotta, paintings and rare coins can all be sighted here. You can hire taxi, auto rickshaws or mini buses from Gwalior to reach this place.

Tigra Dam
Tigra dam is the best place to go if you are looking for some real fun and leisure. Located on the banks of Chambal River, Tigra dam is a picturesque place and a hot favorite among nature admirers. People, besides, chilling out around the lake, can be also seen indulging in fishing. Situated exactly 23 km away from Gwalior, this place is crowded with tourists especially during weekends and public holidays. Tigra dam is a solace for the stressed-out souls and for those who want to escape the unbearable heat during the summer months.

Gwalior Zoo
If you are bored of visiting the same old monuments and palaces, then Gwalior zoo may just come to your rescue. Get adventurous and gear up to explore the rich flora and fauna of this zoo. Have face-to-face interaction with some wild species including tigers, elephants, chimpanzees, bears, deer, etc that are housed within premises of the zoo. Children can have gala time by taking part in fun rides apart from exploring the wild species.