A visit to the capital city of Madhya Pradesh promises to be a mind-boggling affair. To know how to reach Bhopal and explore its attractions to the fullest, read on.

How To Reach Bhopal

To many of us Bhopal is a popular lake city, but not many of us are aware that the place is an amalgamation of rich history, diverse culture and picturesque backdrop. Ruled by the Mughals, Marathas and the British Raj, the city has influences of each of its former leaders that can be seen through its many monuments. From its beautiful Afghan-styled mosques, to its beautiful hill-top temples and its former British governance, Bhopal indeed has many fables that the city eagerly waits to share with you. The diversity of the city can be noticed in the architecture of its centuries old mosques, temples and palaces that are an intoxicating concoction of various cultures and tradition. While you are in the city, don't miss out on the adventure activities like boating and sailing. As for those obsessive shopaholics, the city's shopping streets are filled with well crafted handmade products such as carpets, durries, bamboo objects, silver, metal and leather work. Well, speaking about shopping, you cannot forget to mention the exquisite piece of bead and embroidery work on soft silken fabrics that were once patronized by the Begums of Bhopal. Today, however, Bhopal has transformed into an important commercial and a tourism center in the state. Read the article below to know more on how to reach Bhopal.

Traveling To Bhopal

By Air
For all those international travelers planning to make a trip to Bhopal, you can reach the city directly as the airport hosts both international and domestic flights. The airfield is located 15km away from the city and close to the neighborhood of Bairagarh. Most of the international flights operate to Jeddah, Sharjah and Dubai as there are frequently passengers travelling back and forth from these international destination. As for the passengers within the country, there are several air carriers that travel within the nation such as Air India, Jet Airways, JetLite, Go Air, Indigo and Spice Jet, to name a few. Most of these flights operate from Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad to Bhopal. Although they may seem to be a luxury travel when compared to train and bus, one thing is for sure that you are certain to reach Bhopal without being overstressed after a long journey.

By Train
The railways are the lifeline of the city and an important means of transport for the locals. The city has more than one railway junction. The noted railway stations in Bhopal are Habibganj Railway Station, Misrod Railway Station, Mandideep Railway Station, Nishatpura Railway Station and Bhopal Junction Railway Station. The Bhopal Junction Railway Station is said to be one of the largest and busiest train stations in the country. The station is well-connected to several metros and more than 100 trains stopover at this rail junction. Since the city is located in the heart of the city, it is been said that Bhopal is well connected to many cities located in the north, south, east and western side of the country.

By Bus
Bhopal has more than a few bus services and bus stands that connect you to different parts of the country. It has been an initiative by the state government to promote better transport services to its inhabitants. Bhopal also has some good national highways such as NH 12 that connects you to Jabalpur and Jaipur. The NH 86 and the state highways 17 are also popular routes connecting cities in the eastern and western side of the country. There are several buses that travel to Indore, Ujjain, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Khajuraho, Sanchi, Pachmarhi, Vidisha, and as well to Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Kota, Nagpur, Jaipur, Agra, and Allahabad on a regular basis.