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Tripura, the thirst smallest state of India, enjoys tropical type of climate. Read further to know about the weather & geography of Tripura.

Tripura Weather

Climate: Tropical
Annual Rainfall: 2100 mm

Tripura generally observes tropical weather, marked by heat and humidity. Summers, winters and monsoons are the three seasons enjoyed by this state. Where summers extend from the month of March till May, the temperature soars to the maximum of 35°C. In the late-May, pre-monsoon showers soak the region. Monsoon season formally arrives in June and prevails till September. With an average rainfall of 2100 mm, the state actually receives heavy downpour.

The month of October is comparatively pleasant as regards weather. Winter season elongates from November to February, where the average minimum temperature remains 10.5°C. In summers, light cotton clothing is required to stay cool in hot and humid surroundings; while heavy woolens are essential in winters. Seeing the weather conditions, the best time to visit Tripura is between the months of September-March.

Geographical Location

Location:56' N - 24°32' N, 90°09' E - 92° 10'E
Altitude:ft to 3080 ft above sea level
Area:92 sq. km

In northeastern part of India, Tripura is a blocked-in hilly state with elevation ranging from 50 to 3080 ft above sea level. It shares its borders with Assam and Mizoram on the east and Bangladesh on the north, west, and south. It is only accessible through the Cachar district of Assam and Aizawl district of Mizoram to the rest of the country. Tripura is situated between the latitudes of 22°56'N - 24°32'N and the longitudes of 90°09'E - 92°10'E.

With an area of 10,492 sq. km, Tripura is the third smallest state of the country. It measures about 184 km from north to south and 113 km from east to west. Even though surrounded by land, Tripura boasts of many rivers that originate from here. The state's terrain, soil and climate are best suited for rain-fed horticulture. Amid such geographical diversity, it also has rich and varied collection of flora and fauna.