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The political map of Tripura guides you through the Tripura state of India.

Tripura Map

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Area: 10,492 km²
Capital: Agartala
Population: 3,191,168 (2001 census)
Climate: 35 °C (summers) and 10° C (winters)
Geographical Location: 22° 56’ N to 24° 32’ N latitude & 90° 09’ E to 92° 20’ E longitude
Topography: Varied landscapes ranging from hills to plains
Tourist Destinations: Ujjaayanta Palace, Unakoti, Jampuri Hills, Deotamura, Tripura Govt Museum

Tripura is located in north east India and is surrounded by Bangladesh in the north, south and west. Assam and Mizoram are located to the north-east and south-east of Tripura. The history of Tripura dates back to the days of the Maharajas when it was a native state. Earlier, it was an independent Tripuri kingdom and merged with India in 1948 by the Tripura Merger Agreement. Today Tripura is known for its various tourist destinations, temples and rich cultural heritage. The best time to visit Tripura is between September to March.

The travel map of Tripura locates all the important locations, places of interests, road links, rivers, administrative cities/towns etc of the state. The political map of Tripura lets you know the political location of districts, cities and also the neighboring states of Tripura.