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Manipur economy is mainly based on agriculture. Read further to know more about the business & economy of Manipur.

Economy of Manipur

Resembling most of the northeastern states in India, the economy of Manipur is agrarian, and is primarily based on agriculture and allied activities. Some other factors that contribute to the economy are weaving, logging, handicrafts, handloom, pisciculture, forest products, industries, mining, and tourism. However, most of the people are dependent on agriculture i.e. cultivation of crops. Mining sector is another revenue generator but this sector has not been utilized properly yet. Manipur economy has observed a slow growth rate in the past few years. Owing to this, the State Government has taken pains to set up more industries and develop infrastructure. Hopefully, Manipur would soon join the race of growing economy, like other states.

Agriculture is the backbone to the economy of Manipur. In fact, almost all of the businessmen in the state deal in crop growing. About 76% of the state's total working population is engaged in agriculture. And nearly 9.41% of the total geographical area is used for cultivation. Manipur produces considerable quantity of paddy, wheat, maize, pulses, and oilseeds, like mustard, groundnut, soybeans, and sunflower.

Ginger, turmeric, and fruits & vegetables, like pineapple, lemon, banana, orange, papaya, plum, cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, peas, carrot, and pumpkin are also produced here. Here cultivation is done through methods, like Jhumming and terrace farming. The agriculture sector contributes a large amount of revenue to the economy of Manipur.

Its industrial sector has not developed much, but still has a significant contribution in the economy. The State Government is making efforts to start industrialization. Here over 7,700 small industrial units have been established. Also industries dealing in cement, drugs and pharmaceuticals, plastic, and steel have been set up. Above and beyond Moreh has emerged as an important business centre due to border trade with Myanmar.

Subsequent to Agriculture, the handloom industry makes an important revenue generator in Manipur. The handicraft and handloom industry has been appreciably good for the women as it provides them a good source of income. The major handloom products from the state are sarees, bed sheets, curtains, towels, tablecloth, fashion garments with intricate designs, scarves, pillow covers, woolen shawls, etc.

Forest Products
Since an extensive part of the state's area is covered by forests, a huge variety of forest resources are produced here. The cane and bamboo crafts, made in Manipur, are famous throughout the world. The state's bamboo production is over ten lakh ton per annum. About 1.5 lakh artisans are engaged in cane and bamboo craft. Various types of forest products, manufactured here, are sold all over the country and are also exported to distant countries.

Owing to its geographical isolation, Manipur has not received much from the tourism sector. Moreover, its infrastructure is also not well developed. The hilly terrain is another weak point which makes communication difficult in the state. Though Manipur thrives in natural beauty, the above-mentioned problems don't let boost in tourism. There are great prospects of tourism in the state, if the problems get sort out.