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Manipur observes salubrious climate round the year. Read further to know more about the weather and geography of Manipur.

Manipur Weather

Climate: Moderate

Manipur, typically, observes moderate climate throughout the year. Depending upon the altitude, the climate ranges from tropical to temperate. Though the state enjoys all the three seasons of summers, winters, and monsoons; precipitation dominates the valley for most of the year. Summers prevail from the month of March till May, when temperature reaches to the max of 32�C. It is never too hot in Manipur.

Monsoons formally arrive in the month of June and drench the state with heavy rain showers up to September. Manipur receives an annual rainfall of 1500mm. The months of October and November, more or less, remain dry. The winter season extends from December to February, when the temperature usually drops down to 0�C. Here heavy woolens are required to beat the cold winds in winters. To sum up, Manipur enjoys salubrious climate round the year.

Geographical Location

Area: 22,327 sq km
Location: 23�80' N - 25�68' N, 93�3' E - 94�78' E

With an area of 22,327 sq km, Manipur is situated between the latitudes of 23�80' N - 25�68' N and longitudes of 93�3' E - 94�78' E. This cup-shaped land has a series of hill ranges. Manipur is considered as a sensitive border state, which is bounded by Nagaland on the north, Mizoram on the south, Myanmar on the east, and Assam on the west. It shares a 352 km long international border line with Myanmar. Out of its total area, approximately 90% area is characterized by hills, which further surrounds the 10% of plain area.

Eeril and Thobal are the main rivers that originate from the hills and flow down into the valley. The biggest natural lake in the state is Loktak. Enclosed by nine hill ranges, Manipur is apparent in a quaint valley at the center. These hills, called Sub-Himalayan Ranges, are part of the Himalayas. They are spread into ranges, along with irregular ragged ridges. At an elevation of 12,557 ft, Surameti peak is the highest peak in the state. The entire hilly area is covered with thick, dense forests, which depict the abundance of forest resources in Manipur.