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Mumbai, the city of dreams, is dotted with a host of tourist attractions. Dive deep into this article and explore some of the major tourist hotspots in Mumbai.

Places To Visit In Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is an inebriating ragbag of colonial relics, soaring skyscrapers, ultrachic malls, archaic bazaars, fashion and film in one hand, and grinding poverty, mushrooming slums and social unrest on the other. With a city of extremes, Mumbai is one place that never fails to surprise its visitor’s with its cacophonous din and bustle and dazzling city allure. Touted as the commercial, financial and entertainment hub of India, Mumbai is the home to stunning celebrities, industrialists, famous artists, Bollywood starlets and wannabes and the effervescent Mumbaikars. But this is not all to the city of dreams. This urban metropolis, with its maze of archaic bazaars, swish restaurants, glistening colonial ruins, grand temples, lush gardens, magnificent museums and beaches registers a different experience with the visitors’ altogether. If you happen to be in Mumbai, then don’t forget to take a quick tour down the popular tourist’s destinations. Here is a list of must-see places in Mumbai. Stroll down the following write-up and get exploring.

Tourist Attractions In Mumbai

Gateway Of India

The Gateway of India, the yellow basalt emblem that proudly perches itself at the tip of Apollo Bunder in South Mumbai, stands as an exaggerated impression of the colonial times today. Built in 1911 to commemorate the visit of King George V, this bold basalt gateway was conceived and designed by British architect George Wittet. Apart from a spectacular view, this archway stands as a favorite gathering spot for both the locals and the tourists, Indian and foreign. From giant balloon sellers to snake charmers to horse ride in gilded carriages and spectacular boat rides to the Elephanta Island, a visit to the Gateway of India is indeed to leave you thrilled.

Flora Fountain
Flora Fountain, located at Martyr’s Square in the business centre of South Mumbai, was erected in 1864 in the honor of Sir Bartle Frere, who was the governor of Mumbai at that time. This stunning stone architectural heritage, with sterling floral designs, is a perfect architectural amalgamation of exquisite sculpture, breathtaking design and cascading water. Today, this magnificent fountain, which is inspired by the Roman Goddess of Flowers, stands as one the major tourist attractions of the city of Mumbai.

Marine Drive
If you love fun, entertainment and are a game for joyful activities, then a stroll down the Marine Drive is the best way to experience the real spirit of Mumbai. Located between the concrete jungle of Nariman Point and green leafy slopes of Malabar Hills, Marine Drive tots up as one of Mumbai's most popular promenades and sunset spots. Popularly called as the Queen’s Necklace, this seafront remains the favorite spot for courting couples and anyone in a mood to enjoy some fresh air. A visit to Mumbai is incomplete without hitting the throng of food stalls here.

Chowpatty Beach
A fast food lover’s favorite destination, Chowpatty in South Mumbai is located at the northern end of Marine Drive. Almost synonymous to the food and fun culture of Mumbai, this veritable beach, which is thronged with large crowds every evening, is famous for its food kiosks, ferry rides, monkey shows, wayside astrologers, magicians and not to forget, Mumbai chaat. So don’t forget to pig out on kulfis, yummy chaats, pani puris, paav bhaajis and eat your heart out while you are here at Chowpatty.

Elephanta Caves
Elephanta Caves, the elegant rock-cut temples on the serene Elephanta Island, is a splendid work of art. Originally known as Gharapuri, this cave temple was re-christened by the Portuguese as Elephanta after the Elephant statute in the Island. Located in the Mumbai Harbor, just 9 km away from the Gateway of India, this century-old temple proudly stands as a manifestation of elegance and beauty. Carved somewhere between 450 and 750 AD, the main attraction of the cave is the large sculpted panels relating to Siva and a 20 feet tall statue of Trimurti, which demonstrates the role of Siva as the creator, preserver and destroyer.

Chor Bazaar
Chor Bazaar, the Mumbai’s shopper’s paradise, is a must visit place for all antique lovers. Located at Grant Road station of western railway lines, Chor Bazaar offers a wide array of shops catering to an impressive range of century-old antique jewelries, handicrafts and other timepieces. Apart from antique pieces, you can also find spare parts of vehicles, clothes, shoes, furniture, jewelry etc. over here. Bargaining is the key to shopping here. If you know to bargain, then Chor Bazaar is the ultimate shopping place for you.

Juhu Beach
Juhu, the sprawling beach flanked by the Arabian Sea, is one of the most striking suburban locales in Mumbai. Home to many Bollywood stars, this open beach is the hub for the well-heeled populace. Located in the central suburbs of Mumbai, this coastline serves as the ultimate leisure spot for kids, couples and beach lovers. With its amazing vista, attractive eateries, turquoise waves and more, Juhu is indeed one of the most loved tourist hotspots in the city. As the sun goes down, you can catch up with the local food vendors and snack on Mumbai’s street side fare while enjoying the swooshing breeze.

Haji Ali Mosque
Haji Ali Mosque, one of the sanctified landmarks of the city of Mumbai, is situated at the end of a concrete causeway protruding into the Arabian Sea. This sacred mirage, that houses the tomb of the Mulsim saint Haji Ali, was built in the 19th century and till dates stands as one of the most revered shrines for the Muslims. Legend has it that Haji Ali passed away during his pilgrimage to Mecca and his casket miraculously drifted back to this spot. Noted for its amazing beauty, this pearl white mosque is thronged with pilgrims from all over the world.

Jehangir Art Gallery
Jehangir Art Gallery is situated at Kala Ghoda in Fort area. This famous art gallery is the ideal venue for artists to display their creativity. The gallery, which is managed by Bombay Art Society, was founded in the year 1952 by Sir Cowasji Jehangir at the request of K.K.Hebbar and Homi Bhabha. A huge institution in itself, Jehangir Art Gallery attracts number of visitors from around the world. The gallery is open for your service on all days between 11 am to 7 pm.

Nariman Point
Nariman Point of Mumbai is a busy commercial hub, which houses almost all the corporate and industrial buildings. Named after Khursheed Framji Nariman, a Parsi visionary, the area is situated on the extreme southern tip of Marine Drive. The political headquarters of Maharashtra, Vidhan Bhavan is also located in Nariman Point. Apart from being the business hub, the place is also quite popular for its shopping and entertainment sources. The entire place is believed replicate Manhattan and is popularly called the Manhattan of India.

The Prince Of Wales Museum
The Prince Of Wales Museum or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya is magnificent Gothic and Moorish style architecture with an imposing white dome adding to its grandeur. Located at MG road, the museum was set up in the beginning of 20th century to honor King George V's visit to India, while he was still the Prince of Wales. The Museum has three main sections namely art, archaeology and natural history, which displays good collection of ancient Indus valley artifacts and some of the other precious exhibits of ancient India.

Film City
Film City, located in the outskirt of Mumbai in Goregaon, is one of the popular tourist destinations. Film City is the dream project of Dada Saheb Phalke, one of the legendry filmmakers of the country. Today Film City serves as the background for most Bollywood films. With the beautiful indoor and outdoor shooting areas as well as well-equipped recording and editing rooms, this studio is one of the magnificent film studios in the country. With the fountains, lakes and real-looking mansions, Film City is the must visit place in Mumbai.

Essel World
Essel World, Mumbai’s famous amusement park is located close to Gorai Beach at Borivali. Mumbai’s only international-style park, Essel World is quite famous for its special ferries and number of amusement rides. Some of the amusements of park include standard roller coaster, adventure themes and water world. If you love to have fun in water, then this place is sure to woo you. The Essel World is open on all days from 11 pm to 7 pm and the time extends up to 9 pm during school vacations.