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Looking to snap off the best bargains? Then Mumbai is indeed the place to go. Read this article to explore some of the popular shopping destinations in Mumbai and get your cards swiping.

Shopping In Mumbai

Often described as a bargain hunter’s hub, Mumbai is indeed every shopper’s paradise! With the city’s international chain of markets, fancy supermarkets, archaic bazaars and magnificent malls, we know that the reputation is no exaggeration. The mélange of markets and mushrooming city malls invites you to dive deep into its retail furore with an open wallet. Your Mumbai stopover is incomplete without a visit to the cheap stalls, dense bazaars, souvenir stores and handicraft emporiums and haggling hard with the shopkeepers until you bag the best deals. From air-conditioned malls to designer boutiques, from branded shops to street side stalls, Mumbai indeed has a lot to offer to the shopaholics. You can buy almost anything here, right from apparels to perfumes, cosmetics, antiques, trinkets, handicrafts, furniture, books, jewelry and more. Just hop into the city and explore its shopping extravaganza! The experience is going to be unlike anything else you have ever lived before. Get on with this article to check out the hottest shoppers stop in Mumbai and indulge in some retail therapy.

Shopping Places In Mumbai

Crawford Market

Crawford Market is one of the busiest markets in Mumbai, located in the southern part of the city, to the north of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Designed by Lockwood Kipling, the father of famous novelist, Rudyard Kipling and named after the first municipal commissioner of the city, Arthur Crawford, this market stands out as a vivacious display of Norman and Flemish architecture. This vibrant bazaar, which always jostles with life and action, is popular citywide for its wholesale fruits, vegetables, poultry products and mutton. Crawford Market also caters to a host of other items like cheese, chocolates, cosmetics, food items and more, all in reasonable rates. Don’t forget to hop into the food hub of Mumbai, if you happen to be in South Mumbai for a scrumptious shopping delight.

Colaba Causeway
Colaba Causeway, one of the bustling commercial areas in South Mumbai, is the prime shopping destination for the shopaholics. Established by British East India Company in 1838, the Causeway is the home to some of Mumbai’s renowned shopping stores and has been the ultimate shopping hub for price-conscious homemakers and thrifty travelers. Whether you are looking to buy authentic Maharashtrian Kolhapuri chappals or just grab good deals in shoes, Causeway is the place to go. From cosmetics to leather goods to imported items and more, you are likely to find almost everything here. However, the fun isn’t limited to shopping alone. Colaba Causeway offers some great food experience to the visitors with a wide variety of bistros and restaurants, attracting flock of foodies every time.

Popularly known as “Queen of Suburbs”, Bandra is one of the poshest areas in Mumbai and is the home to cosmopolitan crowd and many illustrious Bollywood celebrities. This highly sought after locale with its high-street markets, bistros, elegant malls and designer stores have been the ultimate shopper’s hub for the high-end buyers. Bandra is flanked with many Indian as well as international outlets and is highly popular for its extensive street shops. Linking Road in Bandra is the most popular shopping destination for bargain hunters.

Fashion Street
Fashion Street, nestled in MG Road, is the ultimate fashion hub for the fashionistas. Hugely popular among students and college crowd, one can grab fresh off the rack branded apparels and shoes here, right in throwaway prices. If you are looking for trendy, cheap and chic stuff to buy, Fashion Street is the place for you. From clothes to chunky accessories to cool junk jewelries, you can grab everything here in darn cheap prices. But for that, you have to haggle your way out. Haggling is the main mantra for shoppers here to grab deals in great prices. So if you are someone who loves to wear flashy designer or cool branded stuff, you know where to go for shopping now.

Chor Bazaar
If you love your antiques and wish to grab the best pieces in best price, then Chor Bazaar is the place to go. Located in Mutton Street near Bheendi Bazaar in South Mumbai, Chor Bazaar is apparently one of the largest flea markets in India. Chor Bazaar, which literally means thieves market, is antiquarian’s paradise, where you can buy almost anything from old ship parts, antique vases, brass statues, silverwares, coins, jewelry, gramophones, crystal chandeliers, wooden carvings and Victorian furniture, all and more in a reasonable price. This paradise for antique lovers is open for your services on all days except on Fridays. Whether you are looking for Ming vases or wish to add Muranos to your collector’s item, Chor Bazaar is the place to shop.

Zaveri Bazaar
Zaveri Bazar, located in Bhuleshwar in South Mumbai, is the most popular place to shop for jewelries and gems and is a huge hit with women and jewelry freaks. Flanked with diamond, gold and silver jewelry shops, the bazaar is an ideal place for shopping branded jewelry. This great tourist attraction is not only popular in India but is also famous worldwide. Zaveri Bazaar also serves as headquarter of the biggest jewelry retailer in India- Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri. However, if you wish to buy jewelry from here, don’t forget to confirm the rates before signing off a deal.