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Mumbai nightlife throbs with passion, fervor and madness. If you wish to be a part of this nocturnal crowd, then running down this write-up on nightlife in Mumbai should leave you inspired.

Mumbai Nightlife

Mumbai, the city of rich power moguls and posh glitterati, swish bars and archaic bazaars, mayhem and madness has come to be the hallmark of fashion, fun, film and after-dark frolics. With spectacular streets and electrifying nightlife, good enough to give New York and London a run for money, this enormous city indeed has a fascinating nightlife to boast of. A sparkling conurbation that glistens with lights and reverberates with music, Mumbai is indeed the hub of nocturnal tourists. With lounge parlors, discotheques, posh clubs and throbbing parties entertaining the night traffic, Mumbai nightlife is something that is sure to leave you bedazzled. Whether you wish to swing to DJ beats, lounge on low couch and sip on premium liquor or just rub shoulders with silver-screen stars, the clubs and discs in Mumbai is indeed the place to go. To check out more on nightlife in Mumbai, read on.

Nightlife In Mumbai


Mumbai city, that grooves and gyrates to pulsating beats every night, is known for its electrifying nightlife and sizzling discotheques. Electric, house or trance, the discos in Mumbai cater to every musical trends. The classy lounge, swish bars, neon lights, loads of blings and amazing DJ line-ups just adds to the party fever. So if you are looking for some late-night reveling, the hip discos are the place to go. Some of the most popular are Fire And Ice Disco in Lower Parel, Jazz By The Bay in Marine Drive, Three Flights Up near Regal Cinema, Razzberry Rhinoceros near Juhu Centaur and Blend and Brew behind Geeta Bhavan Restaurant. So, if you wish to dance till you drop, you know where to go!

If you have loads of cash to burn, wish to catch up with some Bollywood best stars, or just be a part of the jet set Gen-X, the nightclubs in Mumbai are the place to go. If you love deafening music, stunning fashions and hottest females in the city, then raiding the nightclubs in Mumbai should leave you satiated. The nightclubs in Mumbai are one place where the party is always on. Although there are plenty of nightclubs in Mumbai to choose from, only some of them really offer the best in terms of ambience, service and security. Polly Esthers, situated in Gordon House Hotel, is one nightclub that offers best drink, music and food. Other famous nightclubs of Mumbai are Fire And Ice, Zenzi, Club Escape, Poison, Bling, Insomnia and Prive.

Bars and Pubs
The phrase - ‘city that never sleeps’, goes down well with Mumbai. With sparkling conurbation gleaming with lights, life, music and drinks, Mumbai indeed knows how to buoy up ones bashing spirit with plenty of fun and booze. With dozens of gastro-pubs opening up in recent years, with their identikit decor, exotic carte and beer, it has become difficult to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Most of the hotels have their own bars. However, for the best drinking experience, hop on to popular bars and pubs of Mumbai like Blackout, Cafe Mondegar, Hard Rock Café, Shiro and Campus Pub.